Sunday, November 29, 2009


So here is a thought.  If every time I type LMAO - how come my ass is still the same size?  How loud do I have to laugh in order for me to lose some of my booty (okay so it is more of a bounty at this point than a booty). 

How about ROFLMAO - Is it because I am not rolling on the floor, in deep laughter, that my 44DD tush is still with me? 

There are women out there that are paying good money to have implants put in their skinny asses.  Was God distracted when He got to the hip and ass portion of my body?  Did he leave His finger on the create button a little too long?  

Today's rant brought to you by: 
'Thanksgiving Turkey, Gravy and Stuffing Dinner'
'Pass me another slice of Pumpkin Pie and fresh whipped cream'


  1. Priceless! Really, really funny. You know, if you decide to change career, I really think you should do stand up comedy!

  2. I think I was in line after you during assembly and God still had his finger on the ass button....


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