Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

Reality TV
There is no show out there that could EVER compare to my roller coaster life and why would I want to watch people pretending to be normal, but acting, but still trying to act normally and trying not to notice the cameras strategically positioned above the toilet - to capture the morning ablutions routine?

Bumper Stickers
Saw this one yesterday "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun!"  I am still trying to work this one out, but without a doubt the driver is a proud NRA Republican - feel free to correct me if you think I am on the wrong path with this one!

Child Bearing Hips
I have seen many skinny bitches out there that have given birth and they do not have hips you could easily place your can of beer on.  Number one conversation I will be having with God.

Force Shield of ?
Why is it that there are some people out there that you KNOW have got to where they are by stepping on others?  I can only reason that they have some sort of force shield protecting them.  (bitch slaps can still penetrate a force shield in case you were wondering)

Mentally Draining People
While it has been known that I can get on with just about anyone, I would walk in front of a picture of a snake slowly just to avoid this type of person.  There is a member in my family where you constantly have to entertain him 24/7 - any suggestions would be welcome.

Taking it back to simple
I am thinking about canceling the cell phone.  I just have to come up with a way to notify all friends etc that I will be taking it back to simple.  I will miss some of the media texts I receive from friends, but hey they could use email right?  I am liking the idea of simple,  Princess simple!

Do you have any random thoughts to share?

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  1. RTV: There is nothing normal about it and can you really behave normally infront of a camera?

    BS: Bumper stickers just piss me off...

    CBH: I don't think God is just at all...

    FS: I think these people have some angle working overtime...

    MDP: I just get rid of them; boss and ex...but family are more kids need 27/7 attention...

    TBS: Can't be done...maybe have one device for everything and that's about as simple as it gets; one device...

    I do have a random thought: why do Subaru drivers suck at driving?


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