Sunday, October 29, 2017

Letters to the Court.

The most favorite part of my job is reading the letters people send to the court.  The office will be quiet and I will hiccup laugh out loud and my co-workers know that I have found another gem.

All the letters are scanned into the system and are public information. I sometimes have to wonder if people realize this.

This past week I was scanning in a file and came across this gem. Needless to say this person has multiple offenses, so this made it even more funny to me.
"Your Honor, this letter is in hopes of a solution for both of our interests. I am sure my continued presence has become very irritating for you, as I know it has me." 
Sometimes one has to laugh at the littlest things in life, otherwise we allow the ugliness of the world to weigh us down. I hope my blog today brought a smile to your face.