Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why I am angry.

The US elections are finally over. In the 26 years I have lived in America this has by far been the most dirties, misinformed election I have ever witnessed.

I am still in shock and disbelief that a country chose a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic man to run this country. Absolutely no qualifications in the political arena, which begs the question, a man less qualified to get the job over a woman who surpassed the qualifications asked of her?

This election has taught me that people are so willing to read Wiki Leaks, listen to the media, post meme's as gospel and quote stupidity verbatim without doing any research. Research such as bills and laws passed, what that person did, benefits to the country etc.

People are posting that they are not racist etc by voting for Trump, but I ask this? 

If your daughter's boss groped her inappropriately, refused to give her the promotion she deserved because she was a female, ridiculed her for being Christian/Muslim,Jewish/Hindu and called her fat, but was running for President you would still vote for him because he represents your party?

That is why so many women are angry.

You voted for a man who on record has the highest disregard for women.

You voted for a man who has multiple failed businesses.

You voted for a man who refused to release his tax returns, but yet in all other elections not of your party you yelled from the roof tops it was the American right to know what the Presidential candidates were earning.

You voted for a man who created hatred for Muslims, the same people we helped free from Sadam Hussein.

You voted for a man who wants to build a wall.

I was born and raised in a country where apartheid ruled. The United States and many other countries imposed sanctions against South Africa until apartheid was demolished. I witnessed how the minorities were treated. I witnessed people of color being brutally abused and put in jail for not having an up to date passbook. My father's kidnapping and murder was based on hate.

I saw first hand the result of hate and fear. My family voted in every election in South Africa against the party of the majority rule because they believed in equality for all. They didn't vote party line to make their lives better. 

I never intended to live in America, but when I married an American I was grateful that I could raise our son in a country where he didn't have to fear for his life on a daily basis. He could play in the yard and run around the neighborhood with friends and not be locked in a home that would give Fort Knox a run for its money.

I suffer from PTSD because of my father's murder and what I have read and seen today in the past two years of this campaign, takes me back to those days of myself and my siblings screaming and begging the police to leave our nanny alone. 

I have a peace in knowing that one day when my grandchildren ask me who I voted for in this election I will proudly say I voted for equality, acceptance, love and for the coming together of a country.

I do fear for this country. The beast has been awakened and it has reared its ugly head.