Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Traveling Nubian

Tomorrow I embark on my journey of 33 hours (10 of which are a layover in London) to South Africa.

I will be here on Saturday. 

This is the view from my Mother's living room.

I plan to be dragging my Aunt and T to one of my favorite wine estates.

The driveway to Meerlust Wine Estate.

I plan on having a soft serve ice cream and walk along the beach in Gordons Bay and watch the sunset.

Table Mountain is in the back with Lion's Head to the right.  To me the outline of the mountains have always looked like a mummy lying down.

I plan to visit my brother and sit by his pool and do absolutely nothing.  A bottle of wine will be close by.

The view from my brother's backyard.  (That is T in the picture playing with Henry).

I plan on making a trip to Boulder beach to see the Jack Ass penguins (yes they really are called that).  They are adorable and are everywhere.

I will be posting and updating when I need to escape from the unbearable heat. 

Then it will be off to London and Paris and back to winter.

The shoe packing dilemma is overwhelming.