Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kramer Vineyards and Crawfish Deliciousness.

Kramer Vineyards
While Bear is off in the Gulf of Mexico chasing Physeter Macrocephalus aka Sperm Whales, I decided to treat myself and attend a Crawfish Boil at Kramer Vineyards.

For some, Twitter is a bother. For me, Twitter is a blessing as it has introduced me to some wonderful people who have become firm friends and the Kramer family are included in that small group. Over the summer Kramer Vineyards hosts various dinner events and I jumped at the chance to attend their Crawfish Boil dinner.  Kim, the fantastic and gorgeous winemaker, invited me to stay at Casa Kramer so I wouldn't have to make the long trek back to Corvallis at night.  In other words I could get my drunk on. (Mom, really I wasn't drunk, just a little relaxed.)

I love Kramer winery and was amazed to hear that some people in the Portland area have not visited this wonderful winery.  The very first time Bear and I visited the winery we were welcomed by the wonderful Ms. Angelene whose infectious smile and bubbly personality has you asking what is she on and where can I get some of that happiness, the fabulous Mrs. Trudy Kramer with her sun hat and her handful of fresh blooms and Kim, second generation winemaker.  Kim poured for us and watching her describe her wine and the process makes you feel as though you are intruding on an intimate moment.  Kim is very passionate about her wine and it shows. 

Mr. Kramer welcoming guests.
Relaxing and waiting for the dinner to commence.
Big Ron Sabin
The Kramer family knows how to put on a party and this event was finger licking, crawfish slurping deliciousness.  The music was provided by Big Ron Sabin and he provided the perfect winery event ambiance. I invited myself to sit with the wonderful Mike and my twin, Jacqui. Good choice as these peeps are my kind of peeps.

Fresh crawfish goodness.
The wonderful Kathy and Michelle, pourers of the happy juice.
Crawfish delicousness.
There was salad, but as Mike said, "This isn't a salad boil."
Kramer Rose of Pinot Noir - perfect pairing
My plate and my sippy cup.
My plate of awesomeness
Mr. Kramer with the incredible Pinot Noir 2002
Mr. Kramer surprised us all by opening a jeraboum of Kramer Pinot Noir Reserve 2002.  Everyone got to try it and it was mind blowing berry bursting velvety smooth heaven. Thank you Mr. Kramer for sharing with us one of your library wines.  

Fresh peach cobbler
Fresh whipped cream with basil.
After we all went up for seconds and some of us for thirds of dinner, dessert was served.  Fresh peach cobbler with fresh whipped basil cream.  *cue song* 'Heaven, I'm in heaven' I had a cup of coffee that was made from beans that Mr. Kramer roasts himself.  Not only does he make superb wine, he also makes superb coffee.

Much laughter, much wine and many sucking and slurping noises filled the vineyard and for the grand finale clear skies in which to witness the meteor shower.

Kramer Crew, you know how to throw one hell of a party.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


When I was going through my divorce T and I stopped by our local pet store one day.  Heavens Gate, the local animal shelter,  was there with kittens.  T was immediately drawn towards the cutest black, male kitten and I couldn't say no.  T decided to call him Bafana after the South African soccer team.

Fast forward a few years and we were ready to move to Oregon and T was about to go on his gap year.  Bear's son Dustin lived in Idaho and because we did not know the situation of having so many animals asked him if he could take Bafana.  We knew that Bafana would be in good hands.

Two years later and Dustin has moved to Oregon and is currently staying with us until he finds his own place.  He told us that Bafana had not been eating and was losing weight.  Yesterday I took kitty boy to the vet and was told that he has severe liver failure and at this point comfort care is all we can do.

He is so lovable and still playful so we will wait until he lets us know that he is ready to go.  I have been feeding him by hand and wish he would eat more.

Bafana, what a beautiful boy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From the desk of Nubian.


Dear President Obama and Mr. Mitt Romney:

As we near the elections in November 2012 I am asking for your support.  For the past 20 years I have served the State of Motherhood with vigor, tenacity and rose up to the many occasions when my patience was tried.  Some will say that I did an incredible job, but there are those that say I had the help of an extraordinary amount of wine.  I am not ashamed to admit that yes I do swallow and am extremely proud of that fact.

Currently times are tough for us all.  I was at our local grocery store today and noticed that while prices were the same, the contents in the containers have actually got less.  Who are these people that misguide us in our purchases? There is a rumor that they spit, but I am not one to encourage rumors. We need to keep this campaign classy.

I am turning to you to ask for your help.  We need to fight this fight together.  Did you know that even the smallest donation will help me put gas in our car, food in our fridge and a roof over our head? Together we can march forward to the State of Motherhood with determination that tonight our child will not be eating baked beans on toast.  That tonight we will not have to be creative with one can of corn, flour, sugar and milk. Tonight we will feast on a plate of fresh vegetables and meat from a sustainable local farm.

There is something in it for you. 

For every $5.00 donation you will receive a wine cork with my signature on it. 

For every $10.00 donation you will receive not only a wine cork but also a label from one of the many empty bottles that I have personally consumed from.  On each wine label will be some motivational quote from something I found online. 

For every $20.00 donation you will receive a cork and wine bottle with label attached and a tapered candle for your dining table.  This will be one of the most prized positions amongst your extensive art collection.

I am enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope for your convenience and I look forward to your contribution and support.

Together we can do this.

Sincerely yours,

2012 Candidate for the State of Motherhood