Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chasing Kites.

Picture does the kite no justice.
I am currently visiting family who live on the East Coast. On Sunday my cousin took me to Rhode Island for a day visit. My Gorgeous cousin (who will be now referred to as just Gorgeous) has equally gorgeous and adorable little ones. Adorabalicious is 2 years old and CutiePatootie is 1.

A well choreographed ballet.
As our day was ending and we were driving around the waterfront we saw these amazing colorful kites been flown. We stopped and watched as the three kites performed a flawless ballet routine. It was breathtaking.

As soon as they were unbuckled from their car seats Adorabalicious starting running around with a fierce intent on completing his mission. To catch the kites tail.

Adorabalicious chasing the kites
As one of the kites swooped down the tail touched Adorabalicious and he couldn't contain his delight. When I look at the following picture I can hear all over again his immense joy and giggles.

I love this kid.
It takes a two year old to remind us that sometimes we just need to relax, stop taking life so seriously and go chase kites . There is no greater gift we can give ourselves than a good old, doubled over, knee slapping, hiccup inducing, belly laugh.