Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are you able to help on World Oceans Day?

Beverly Beach, Oregon
Have you noticed lately the increase of emails and phone calls from various non-profit organizations asking for donations? My heart always gets heavy when I have to repeat the phrase "We are unable to give at this time." I know that many of you are in the same position. Times are tough for everyone and as the purse strings tighten many non-profits struggle to make ends meet.

Through Twitter I met Rob Williams and Erin Ashe with Oceans Initiative. They do some pretty amazing work and as Bear ventures out into the world of Marine Biology I have seen the sacrifices that Rob, Erin and many others make to help those that are unable to speak.

For World Oceans Day Aeroplan's Beyond Miles Program has made it easy for all of us to give and all it will cost you is your time. All that you have to do is submit your own beautiful whale photographs or drawings here and Shoutlet and Aeroplan will take care of the rest. For every picture or drawing submitted Aeroplan will donate 1,000 miles to Oceans Initiative. The promotion will run over the Oceans Day weekend, from 7th to10th June 2013.

The miles will make it possible for the Oceans Initiative researchers get to the field to collect data, fly to conferences to present their research and conservation work and bring research assistants and scientific leaders to work with them. Please spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and through your own blogs.

Thank you Aeroplan for making it possible for us to give, to Oceans Initiative for all that you do and to my blog and Twitter friends for your support.