Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Eve Blog Award

A fellow blogger Vinny C. presented me today with his blog award, 'The Tanned Hide Blog Award'. 

Go visit his blog As Vinny C's It and see what he wrote about the Princess and for everyone one of my followers that start following his blog I get a case of wine*!  Just think of how happy that will make me and as we all know it is always about me. 

Thanks Vinny for my Christmas gift.  I have no doubt you are wishing you could get off this easy in the gift giving department with your wife.  I am curious as to what her award would look like though?

*Vinny I prefer a good Cab Sauv, but you can mix it up with some bottles of Shiraz.  Don't bother with Pinot Noir, no one comes close to Oregon and their incredible Pinot's.  What?  You didn't know about the case of wine deal...just be thankful I am not asking for a pair of Christian Louboutin's for every friend of mine that follows your blog.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas card etiquette.

My cards are all done, stamped, posted and received.  I mailed out quite a few this year, next year my list will be shorter, a lot shorter. 

Continue reading at your own risk because I have my bitch boots on and wine in both hands.

I mailed my cards the day after Thanksgiving.  International cards went out before then.  I asked on my Facebook page (which is now down a few friends) if anyone had received their cards.

The private emails are what blew me away with comments such as this:

"Don't know why you bothered, you're not getting one from me."

"You really do need to get a life and a job."

"I don't check my mail." (yes, you know who you are)

"Save the postage next year."

and my favorite...

"You always have to be so perfect."

I don't know which is worse, these emails or not even acknowledging that you even received a card from me.  People sure do know how to piss all over my happy bubble.

Let me share this little tid bit with you all ~ if I took the time to sit my fat ass down and write a personal note in every single friggin' frackin' fudgin' card it means that I thought of you because I consider you a friend.

Now I guess you will all be waiting next year to see if you get one from me the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If you don't get one from me by New Year consider yourself bitch slapped.

*disclaimer before any feelings get hurt ~ there is not one person who reads my blog that this pertains to, hence my blog being private, this is a place where I can vent and you all just continue to roll your eyes and love me regardless.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hullo my name is Nubian and I am a WoW Mom.

Tonight World of Warcraft (which from here on out will be written as WoW) will release Cataclysm.

T is very excited and can't wait for his game to arrive tomorrow.  I have been given strict instructions to call him immediately with the code.  T has played WoW for a while now and has the coolest characters ~ Mooca Latte being one.  I have never played the game, I have sat next to T when he is chasing sparkling dragons and unicorns, but I always have to leave as I suffer terribly from motion sickness.  Who would have thought a video game could make someone throw up.

Today's blog is about my son's game playing and what some people refer to as an addiction.  I am tired of the lectures and the speeches from people and I feel it is time to defend myself and why I am okay with T playing WoW.

When T first got involved I asked him about the game, who he was speaking to, what were they doing etc etc.  His bedroom door remained open and I became friends with his WoW friends.  I made and still do make it a point to be involved in his game playing.  I have 'met' many of T's online friends through Skype and video.  I am referred to as Zebra's Mom.

T graduated from High School with a great GPA, was on the honor roll and is currently taking his gap year in Australia and South Africa.  Playing WoW is a hobby just as knitting, reading, baking, cake decorating, working on cars, fishing etc is for many others.  If T spent as much time reading a book would anyone question that he is addicted to books?

T's assignments and projects were turned in on time and he completed his chores daily.  When T was in Junior High we came to an agreement.  If I needed something done I would ask "T, I need you to unpack the dishwasher, could you give me a time frame of when it will be done?"  T would then respond either within 10, 20, or 50 minutes, (the agreement was it could not be longer than an hour).  It works great for us because I know that it will be done and T has control of his time.  Think about how many times we as adults are working on a project and someone comes into our office telling us that a certain job needs to be completed.  I know I had to count to 10 on many occasions.

There are times when I have called to speak to my son and he has told me that he is currently involved in a 'raid'.  I totally understand and I call him later.  The problem is that other adults don't understand and assume I am feeding his addiction. 

Let us go back to a hobby, if my brother in law was reeling in a huge Tuna and my sister asked him to please put down is rod and change the babies diaper, I know that my brother in law would give her the 'look' and probably the finger, if he could.  How is this any different from my son being involved in a raid?

Anything can turn into an addiction and T knows this first hand.  The first 11 years of Trevor's life his father was an alcoholic, addiction is in the family.

So for all those out there who are quick to criticize a parent for allowing their child to play WoW at least I know where my son is, who he is corresponding with and not in the back seat of a vehicle at some seedy drive in.

Wives if your husbands play the game, find out more about it, maybe you can even play dress up.  That would without a doubt have them sparkling your dragon than one on a computer screen.