Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Note.

Currently I am in finals week of college and as we all know it can be challenging and incredibly stressful. I was sitting in the commons area of the college last week, putting together study notes when for some reason I looked in the pockets of my wallet.

Knowing me it was probably one of those "look its a squirrel" moments. As I was rummaging in my wallet I was questioning why I was even going back to college, for hells sake I am 49, who does this at 49. I will be 53 when I have my degree in early childhood development. But I digress. (see total squirrel moment)

In one of the back pockets I found a note that one of my old employees had written to me. I unfolded this tiny note and you know what they say about the universe and all of that stuff... well this is what was written.

Dear Nubian:

For starters I wanted to thank you for the job you have done with the hotel. It's definitely a place that I enjoy coming into on the day I work, as well as on a few of my days off. We only have had one real sit down conversation and it was a moment I will always remember.

In the time we talked you were able to read what my pro's and con's were and telling me that my strengths should be better utilized with other opportunities to not only gain experience, but to get a chance to explore my true potential. 

I have no idea how you are able to do what you do, the ability to reach out and unlock someone's true potential, to be able to read someone and give them hope and confidence, is a trait overlooked. For what it is worth Nubian I want you to know that I am sad that you are leaving, but excited for you to go an unlock someone else's true potential at your new job. 

I hope your time here was nothing but great, filled with memories that can carry you, just as the one I experienced with you that I will carry.

Thank you,

Sometimes we all need a reminder that no matter how simple a conversation is to you, it could mean the world to someone else.