Sunday, September 17, 2017

Social Media and Communication.

Some will get the point of this photo.

Social media has brought the best and worst out of people, and currently it seems as though the worst is prevailing.

I recently deleted my Facebook page as I found that the personal connection between friends and family was being lost by likes and status updates. I had also made the mistake of allowing people into my world that I had rarely any social contact with. When someone posted something that I felt needed challenging, I was told "Oh this doesn't refer to you." or "Why does she always challenge what you say?" I am a huge proponent of free speech, not stupid speech. Spewing garbage that isn't factual or has no basis for the argument, but purely follows the leader mentality, is stupid speech.

A few years ago I deleted my Facebook account as I had become discouraged by the fake life that people were posting. That decision came about as a dear friend of mine had passed away and from what he portrayed on Facebook couldn't have been further from the truth. It was devastating to me that I had been so naive into believing his life was as he played it out to be on Facebook. It was 5 years before I reactivated my Facebook account.

It has now required more effort on my part to stay in contact with people, to send texts, cards or postcards, to go back to the old school way of communication. Looking back on my childhood and teenage years, we stayed in contact more with people and surrounded ourselves with the people we cared about. It was easier back them to slowly phase people out of your life, with social media an "unfollow" decision creates backlash and venomous texts. As we grow older our circle becomes smaller because I have discovered I have less time or patience for people and their bull shit.

I will continue with my blog, when I feel the need to vent or share and I will make a more conscious effort to stay connected with those I love and care about. As far as the others are concerned, well maybe I should send them the photo above.