Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wild Oats Farmers Market, Wilderness, South Africa

It was another gorgeous day in Wilderness.  My brother wanted me to visit Wild Oats Farmers Market and visit a few of his friends who are vendors there.  We started our morning with a scrambled egg breakfast and good South African coffee.

Wild Oats, Wilderness

Gorgeous day

The organizers of Wild Oats Farmers Market

Sun, breakfast and my gorgeous nephews and niece
The first stop I made was at the pork pie booth.  I love pork pies.  There is nothing better than a beer, pork pie and piccalilli  There is an art to making the perfect pork pie.  I have had a few that the filling was sparse and the pastry fatty. 

Pork pies made my Marye
Marye and her friend and their wonderful pies and sausage rolls
Pork Pie
The Pork Pie was delicious.  The filling was a titch too salty for me, but with a beer it was perfect.  I did not share with anyone.  I enjoyed this treat all to myself.  Looking at the picture makes me salivate all over again.  I hope you get to try one of Marye's Pork Pies.  They are yummylicious good.

The next booth that caught my eye was the Fresh Oyster booth.  I think I trampled over a few people as I made a bee line for the oysters.  I love oysters.  My father and I once sat down and finished 100 oysters each in one sitting in Knysna.  It was a great day and one of my most favorite memories of my Dad. 

Hynn Munro and his assistants
Hynn was more than happy to serve my plate of oysters and in the above picture you can see a glass of wine.  He poured me a lovely glass of chilled white wine and I was ready to tuck into my oysters.

Just look at those beauties
I prepared my oysters with lemon juice, salt and Tabasco.  Hynn then gave me one undoctored and I was so bummed I doctored mine.  They were incredible just on their own.  I made a real piggy of myself slurping and chewing and washing it down with wine. 

More amazing oysters
Hynn then offered me a real treat.  He opened up a package of Kudu Capaccio that he made.  Oh my word, it was melt in your mouth delish and if I had a loaf of bread, a chair I would have set up camp in front of their booth. 

Kudu Carpaccio
My brother had to drag me away from Hynn's booth.  If you are in Wilderness you must stop at Cape Oyster booth.  Tell Hynn the crazy American sent you.

The next stop was at The Cheesecake booth.  My brother informed me that Aidan makes the best cheesecake.  I was skeptical.  Everyone claims to have the best.  My slice was cut and served.

Aidan and his cheesecake

Result? Ladies put away your toys because Aidan's cheesecake is all you need.  It was incredibly creamy, silky, smooth.  The lemon was not over powering and the flavors blended and melted in your mouth.  It truly was a moment of bliss.  Every bite was mind blowing. Worth the calories. 

Aidan even makes his own cheese.  Sorry ladies, he is taken.  I asked.

As you can see, Aidan's cheese is very popular.  By the time we got to his booth, he was sold out.  So I tucked into the samples.  I was very happy.

Next booth was the delightful Ms. Jules and her amazing chutneys, salsa and oils.  This is when I really hate traveling as I want to bring so much home with me.  

The gorgeous Ms. Jules and her wares

I love her Shitake Mushroom chutney.  I need to have my brother send me some more.  Thank you Ms. Jules for allowing me to sample all your wonderful chutneys, salsa and oils.

Next booth was Essene.  Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of this wonderful lady who makes these breads, granola and muesli. I am very picky about my granola as I make my own and therefore mine is the best.  This granola that I tasted would be the granola I would have in my pantry as a back up when mine ran out.

I was sad to leave, but if I stayed and visited more booths my brother would have had to roll me out of there.  It was a wonderful day and spending time with my brother, nephews and niece made it perfect.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visit to the family in the Wilderness, South Africa.

My brother and his family live in the gorgeous Wilderness area.  It is a 5 hour drive from Somerset West.  Normally I hire a car and drive myself, but seeing as though it was just me this time I decided to take the Inter-Cape bus.  The cost was very reasonable and the bus was luxury plus. Many years ago I made the mistake of thinking the Greyhound in America was similar to the Greyhound in South Africa.  Take it from me, this is not the case. There is a disclosure when you book your ticket that there is christian material on board.  The only thing they do is pray when you are going over Sir Lowry's pass.  Believe me going over the pass will make the staunchest of atheists pray. 

I love visiting my brother and his wonderful family.  My niece and nephews are delightful and I spend as much time as I can with them.  On Friday evening we went to the local evening market.  I love walking around and visiting each vendor and seeing the amazing talent people have.  I without a doubt stood behind the door when talent was handed out. Except for the talent of bitch, I own that.  My brother and his wife have a store/coffee shop in Hoekwil.  Their breakfast is amazing and very reasonably priced.  They are very supportive of local, organic produce and the repertoire they have with the clients is great.  Such a wonderful tight knit community.

The Village Shop, Hoekwil
My sister in law loves purple.
This bread does not last long.
My brother taking a coffee break
My sister in law knows how I love my eggs.
Afrikaans for The Patio
The Village Shop
mmmm Beer
This gentleman did the most incredible wire bead work.
My gorgeous nephews and niece.

The most amazing schwarma you will ever have.

My brother is a phenomenal cook.  He makes the most incredible prawns in the very typical Portuguese style.  Lots of garlic, olive oil and peri-peri.  Whenever I go home my brother always makes his prawns, it has become a tradition and one I don't mind at all.  My sister in law makes a mean salad, there is never any left.  There is nothing better than sitting around the braai, glass of excellent South African red in your hand, waiting for the coals to get to the perfect temperature.  I love this time as my brother and I get to catch up and as he turns the farmers sausage a little stab of guilt flows through you as you look over the fence at the cows gazing back at you.  The moment of guilt becomes a distant memory when you take that first bite.

Boerewors and Peri-Peri chicken
Prawns Portuguese style
Best salad and mostly from their garden.
Lorenzo the bull

The vegetable and herb garden and the happy cows.
My next blog post will be about our incredible morning spent at the Wild Oats Farmers' Market.  I promise to blog in a more timely fashion from here on out.

Until next time, be kind to each other.