Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visit to the family in the Wilderness, South Africa.

My brother and his family live in the gorgeous Wilderness area.  It is a 5 hour drive from Somerset West.  Normally I hire a car and drive myself, but seeing as though it was just me this time I decided to take the Inter-Cape bus.  The cost was very reasonable and the bus was luxury plus. Many years ago I made the mistake of thinking the Greyhound in America was similar to the Greyhound in South Africa.  Take it from me, this is not the case. There is a disclosure when you book your ticket that there is christian material on board.  The only thing they do is pray when you are going over Sir Lowry's pass.  Believe me going over the pass will make the staunchest of atheists pray. 

I love visiting my brother and his wonderful family.  My niece and nephews are delightful and I spend as much time as I can with them.  On Friday evening we went to the local evening market.  I love walking around and visiting each vendor and seeing the amazing talent people have.  I without a doubt stood behind the door when talent was handed out. Except for the talent of bitch, I own that.  My brother and his wife have a store/coffee shop in Hoekwil.  Their breakfast is amazing and very reasonably priced.  They are very supportive of local, organic produce and the repertoire they have with the clients is great.  Such a wonderful tight knit community.

The Village Shop, Hoekwil
My sister in law loves purple.
This bread does not last long.
My brother taking a coffee break
My sister in law knows how I love my eggs.
Afrikaans for The Patio
The Village Shop
mmmm Beer
This gentleman did the most incredible wire bead work.
My gorgeous nephews and niece.

The most amazing schwarma you will ever have.

My brother is a phenomenal cook.  He makes the most incredible prawns in the very typical Portuguese style.  Lots of garlic, olive oil and peri-peri.  Whenever I go home my brother always makes his prawns, it has become a tradition and one I don't mind at all.  My sister in law makes a mean salad, there is never any left.  There is nothing better than sitting around the braai, glass of excellent South African red in your hand, waiting for the coals to get to the perfect temperature.  I love this time as my brother and I get to catch up and as he turns the farmers sausage a little stab of guilt flows through you as you look over the fence at the cows gazing back at you.  The moment of guilt becomes a distant memory when you take that first bite.

Boerewors and Peri-Peri chicken
Prawns Portuguese style
Best salad and mostly from their garden.
Lorenzo the bull

The vegetable and herb garden and the happy cows.
My next blog post will be about our incredible morning spent at the Wild Oats Farmers' Market.  I promise to blog in a more timely fashion from here on out.

Until next time, be kind to each other.


  1. Thank you. I am not starving. That looks wonderful.

  2. That salad looks amazing. The entire place looks amazing. This seems like a place I've always dreamed of living in.

  3. I don't know what schwarma is, but I want one.

  4. Me too. I want a schwarma. Looks fabbo dabbo. I'm on my way. Lips smacking, napkin packing!

  5. Uh-mazing! I love it. South Africa looks so beautiful!!! The farmland, markets, animals, and people just look wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

    Oh- the food looks yummy too!


  6. oh em geeee - I have not had a decent schwarma since 1999 !

  7. Wonderful part of SA. You have captured it perfectly.

    I'm going at the end of the month - family stuff mostly.

    Lesley x.

  8. Sweetheart: I don't really think you can own those "bitch" credentials when you end your post with " kind to each other."

    Beautiful photos and family.

    The beer looks delicious and, given its name, I'm sure it's the best on the continent!

  9. Why did I wait until breakfast time to read this?!?! OMG Nubian, next time I'm going with you! I'll start with the salad and then the Schwarma. Preston's been lucky enough to travel a lot and he loves's been years since he's had one and he still goes on and on about them.

  10. OH my, how I miss the east coast right now..

    My best Schwarma was from Ari's in Seapoint..

  11. That plate of eggs looked so good. You like them cooked in browned butter? Me too!

    This is definitely not a post to come read when you're hungry. I love schwarma and now I want that instead of the roasted chicken we're having tonight. :)

  12. Hope to make it to your brother's coffee shop next month: Where do I get the schwarma?!

    And I've never seen eggs like that. Do explain if you get a chance! Thank you for another introductory class to South Africa.

  13. My favorite part of this post:

    "The only thing they do is pray when you are going over Sir Lowry's pass. Believe me going over the pass will make the staunchest of atheists pray. "

    Travel writing at its finest.


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