Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Evening in Antica Terra Heaven.

When I received the email from Antica Terra that they were hosting their very first picnic in the vineyards I quickly called and reserved our spot.  The limit was 40 people.  I have always wanted to try wines from Antica Terra, but they were a little out of my budget.  The cost per person for the picnic was $35.00. Affordable and finally I would get to sip on wines that many buzz about on Twitter.

Antica Terra
The day started off slightly cloudy which wasn't a concern as Oregonians still do fun things in the rain.  As they say, you can tell who is not local by the people that carry umbrellas. Bear had arrived home early from the Gulf of Mexico so this was a great date event.  Our wonderful friend Roberta joined us as she originally was my date and was willing to have Bear take back that role.  Nate greeted us and poured a 2010 Phantasi Roussane which took us to the gates of heaven.

The table was set up in front of the vines and our chairs were hay bales. Lights were twinkling in the trees and a violinist and guitarist were playing great music.

Tables in the vineyards and hay bales for chairs.
Our musical entertainment for the evening.
Antica Terra Pinot Noir - 2006, 2008, 2010
Fresh Mozzarella
My creative shot, pre-wine.

We met a wonderful couple, Gannt and Alison.  Gannt is an Assistant Professor at University of Oregon teaching German and Scandinavian folklore, narratology, fairy tales and Iclandic Saga.  How cool is that!  Alison is a masseuse, AG Massage in Portland, Oregon and I am going to treat myself one day to her magic fingers.

Gannt and Alison
Dinner was German brats and sausages, heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. 

Grilling the goodies.
My plate of yumminess
Heirloom tomatoes from Gathering Together farm.
While we were eating our delicious brats, Nate and Maggie poured our wines.  We had 2006, 2008 and 2010 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.  Okay 2006 blew our mind.  Of course you cannot buy these wines as there are no more.  We savored every single drop.  2008 and 2010 were wonderful.  Smooth, silky and fruit forward. (<-- that one was for Mitchell).

Yes please.
Maggie - winemaker extraordinaire
 Maggie had organized a Pinata for the little ones and while we ate our wonderful dessert, which I don't have a picture of, we watched the children destroy the beach ball.

Even the kids got to have fun.
After dessert Nate took a few of us for a walk in the vineyard.  It was the perfect end to an incredible evening.

Antica Terra
Nate explaining about the soil.
Grapes getting plumpy. (Nubian wine terms)
Pommard grapes.
I now understand why there are so many Antica Terra groupies on Twitter. Their wine is mind blowing. Choirs of angels singing. You want to break out into a rendition of 'The Circle of Life' song from the Lion King and hold your glass up high. That good.

A few days later I received a hand written note thanking us for attending their event.

My Mother would approve.