Thursday, June 3, 2010

Graduation, Moving and Satan's Spawn

T. has graduated high school.  No more asking "Is your homework done?" ~ "Did you turn in your assignment?" ~ "What do you mean you have a project due tomorrow?" (this question would normally be asked at around 7:00pm when you happened to ask the homework question).  Is this when the umbilical cord is finally cut?  I don't think they have to cut it too much, some how I think T has gnawed through it already!!  Mr. Independent (to a point).

I am surrounded by my Feng Shui boxes and silly me packed the wine glasses!!  So I think that it is perfectly acceptable at this point to drink straight from the bottle.  I promise to raise my pinky finger as I hold the bottle to my lips.  I know how to be classy in a white trash situation.

According to my divorce decree my ex is required to pay child support a month after T graduates from high school.  Upon informing my ex that he is late in child support his response was that I could take him to court, he was not going to pay it.  As a very wise friend commented, "We shouldn't have expected anything less from Dick, he never could finish anything he started!"