Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am Aquarius.

Me with grapes my father grew and in the background my dad's orchids.

I have always had a great fondness for orchids especially the Cymbidium variety. My father grew them and truly had a green thumb. I have tried to grow them, but always manage to either end up over watering them, under watering them or just giving them way too much love.

Today I came across an article about people born under the star sign Aquarius. My birthday is the 21st January so I am just on the cusp. My older sister has always referred to me as the big drip, yes she thinks she is so witty.

"The Orchid is the flower associated with Aquarius. It signifies the sense of responsibility and love wrapped in Aquarius people. The Orchid is a simple, yet attractive flower. It is considered to be the perfect flower to describe the personality of Aquarius. Aquarians have a different vision to look at things. Aquarians are romantic, faithful and loyal to people who matter to them. Aquarians grab the attention of others with their charm and inventive ways." 

I do love the Orchid description part of my star sign, it makes me feel so much closer to my father. As far as being faithful and loyal I think we all are that, but I am realizing that in my case I am faithful and loyal to a fault. I have a very hard time distinguishing the difference between a person wanting to truly be within my inner circle to that of the person wanting to be a part of the circle until they have what they need and then happily move on to the next phase of their life.

For the past 23 years I have been so busy making sure that everyone else is watered, fed and loved that I have neglected my own inner orchid and now in my 47th year I find myself not the bearer of water, but the puddle.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's send Deryn smiles from across the world.

Deryn Blackwell

I am asking all my blog friends a huge favor. My last blog post was about a young boy Deryn who lives in England and who is currently battling the most rare form of cancer. If you missed it you can read it by clicking on this link.

Deryn is not doing well. If this round of chemo does not work his chances on seeing Christmas are incredibly slim.

As you all know in my previous blog post I wrote about how Deryn is always smiling, well now it is our turn to return the favor. I am asking that you all post a picture of yourself, or friends, or a picture of wherever you are and post on Twitter with the hashtag #smileforDeryn - Don't forget to also post where you are from. Let us get more people involved by retweeting this blog post.

Together we can get this trending around the world.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who Would You Prefer Follow You?

The Amazing Blackwell Family.
Photograph courtesy of Callie Blackwell.

I have noticed on Twitter that there have been quite a few requests from people I follow to certain celebrities. They range from "My life would be complete if you said hi" to "Everything I strive to be is because of you." and various other random drivel. I am often left shaking my head wondering as to whom to feel more pity for. When did celebrities become gods? Did I miss the memo?

Growing up my favorite band was KISS. I liked their music. I never did think I would ever go to a concert or meet them as I lived in South Africa and there was no hope of that happening as I grew up during the apartheid era and sanctions was alive and well. When I look at people today and their obsession with celebrities I really don't get it. What have they offered to society? What difference have they made? What huge hurdles have they overcome?

This is where Deryn Blackwell enters the picture. Over a year ago on Twitter I started following Simon Blackwell because he is a baker and he makes pork pies and I love pork pies. We started tweeting back and forth and then I discovered he was a contestant on the Great British Bake Off. I then became twitter friends with his wife Callie and the rest is history.

One day as I was reading through Callie's tweets I read that her son Deryn had been diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Sarcoma and Leukaemia. I cannot imagine what this family is going through. I cannot even begin, as a mother, to wrap my head around what Callie is going through and yet every day the dynamic, incredible, inspiring Blackwells keep going. 

Deryn is 1 in 7 billion. He is the first. I have followed Deryn's treatment daily on Twitter and this young lad amazes me. In videos his Mom posts of him he is always upbeat and always smiling. 

Deryn inspires me. Deryn makes me take a deep breath every day and take in the beauty of all around me. Deryn has taught me to truly appreciate those in my life. Deryn gives me hope when I see so many people on Twitter surround him and his family with love and support.

Now I ask you all, who would you beg have follow you? Some inconsequential celebrity whose sex tape was 'accidentally' leaked to the internet or Deryn, the amazing, inspiring, always smiling teenager from England?

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