Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas card etiquette.

My cards are all done, stamped, posted and received.  I mailed out quite a few this year, next year my list will be shorter, a lot shorter. 

Continue reading at your own risk because I have my bitch boots on and wine in both hands.

I mailed my cards the day after Thanksgiving.  International cards went out before then.  I asked on my Facebook page (which is now down a few friends) if anyone had received their cards.

The private emails are what blew me away with comments such as this:

"Don't know why you bothered, you're not getting one from me."

"You really do need to get a life and a job."

"I don't check my mail." (yes, you know who you are)

"Save the postage next year."

and my favorite...

"You always have to be so perfect."

I don't know which is worse, these emails or not even acknowledging that you even received a card from me.  People sure do know how to piss all over my happy bubble.

Let me share this little tid bit with you all ~ if I took the time to sit my fat ass down and write a personal note in every single friggin' frackin' fudgin' card it means that I thought of you because I consider you a friend.

Now I guess you will all be waiting next year to see if you get one from me the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

If you don't get one from me by New Year consider yourself bitch slapped.

*disclaimer before any feelings get hurt ~ there is not one person who reads my blog that this pertains to, hence my blog being private, this is a place where I can vent and you all just continue to roll your eyes and love me regardless.


  1. I can't believe some people! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some people must hate waking up every morning, that is, until they realize they can make everyone else around them miserable too. I would have deleted them from Facebook as well. I'm tired of tolerating people who can't tolerate themselves.

  2. as always, spot on and a smaail on my dial!!

  3. Do you still have these people on your facebook as friends????

  4. Well, I am guilty of at least two of those, because I do not send out cards and I check my mail once a month. This will teach me to be more considerate!!! I want a card next year and I want you to inspire me to get my ass in gear and consider sending out cards too :-)

  5. Wow, just wow, why would people even say that?? If they didn't appreciate the getting the card from you. Just keep quiet about it. Wow, I am shocked.

    PS. Mine are going out today ;-))

  6. This is FAR nicer than anything would have said. I believe they would have gotten instructions on just how to fold that card and just how far up they could stuff it.

    And people wonder why I like my dogs more than most humans...

    Have these crapwagons ever read Emily Post? Maybe that should be their holiday gift next year.

  7. I love when people send me Christmas cards. In fact your comment on my blog about already having yours done inspired me to write a few out myself, even after proclaiming my boycott of them this year. It's hard to believe that receiving a card full of "good cheer" would inspire replies like that. You should just send them all pictures of the Grinch next year.

  8. Wow! What a bunch of premium, grade-A pieces of... work. And, generally, those are the types that will gripe the next year when you don't send them anything.

    Been buried under books all weekend & I'm now caught up on my reading between Sunday & today That's why I'm only now commenting, by the way.

  9. your bitch boots on and a wine in both hands sounds like a rather alarming prospect. I have received one card from a Facebook friend. I did wall back to say 'wow - how quaint, paper cards and the postal system' - I'm far too lazy to send one back to her, tho.

  10. What a bunch of ass clowns!!

    Who bitches about getting a fucking Christmas card? What is fucking wrong with people??

    I've noticed a sharp decline in the number of cards we've gotten this year. I'm bummed about it. I think people just don't want to bother anymore.

  11. Been there, but didn't say it so well!


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