Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas Eve Blog Award

A fellow blogger Vinny C. presented me today with his blog award, 'The Tanned Hide Blog Award'. 

Go visit his blog As Vinny C's It and see what he wrote about the Princess and for everyone one of my followers that start following his blog I get a case of wine*!  Just think of how happy that will make me and as we all know it is always about me. 

Thanks Vinny for my Christmas gift.  I have no doubt you are wishing you could get off this easy in the gift giving department with your wife.  I am curious as to what her award would look like though?

*Vinny I prefer a good Cab Sauv, but you can mix it up with some bottles of Shiraz.  Don't bother with Pinot Noir, no one comes close to Oregon and their incredible Pinot's.  What?  You didn't know about the case of wine deal...just be thankful I am not asking for a pair of Christian Louboutin's for every friend of mine that follows your blog.


  1. well I'll follo his blog but I really think he should send me a bottle of wine if I do, Happy Christmas...

  2. Unfortunately, I'll have to leave Mrs. C's award up to you imagination... A hint, it's somewhat similar to the Tanned Hide. I've already said too much.

    Wait, what?! I'm sending the wine?

  3. @David - I will share with you

    @V.C. - My imagination is vast. I will email you my address, they do sell wine in your neck of the woods right?


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