Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Express

Dear American Express Bloodsucking Management:

Thank you for increasing our interest rate from 10.25% to 15.50%. I am in awe that you would repay us with such thoughtfulness. Every month we have paid our bill on time and yes we have even paid you OVER the minimum payment amount.

Our income has been reduced by 60%, but hey I am sure we can find the extra dollars to pay you.

The person I spoke with on the phone was very sympathetic in letting me know that all credit card companies are doing this, not just American Express. Really, I would never have guessed what with all the bail out money you all received. I would have thought that little ol' me would have received some kind of break. But how dare I even assume such tribble, must be my left brain working overtime.

So while you all receive your bonus, don't even give our family one fleeting thought. I am sure that I can find one hundred uses for stale bread and a can of beans for dinner, but please do go ahead and enjoy your lavish dinner as your staff bring it to you at night and you and your wives discuss where you will be spending Christmas this year, I hear hell is great this time of year.

I am sure that you sleep just fine at night.


Princess Bitch

p.s. 3 Bitch slaps to you and yours

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