Monday, November 2, 2009

Inconsiderate or too busy?

Have we become so wrapped up in our lives that a simple "thank you" for a good deed is not said? Every time I am the victim of the no thanks, I vow that I will not do it again.... but a few weeks down the road there I am, doing it all over again.

So to whom should the anger be directed at? The recipient or me, the giver? I think that I am slowly learning, no one every accused me of being a quick learner. My circle of friends has now become substantially smaller and I have adopted the word - acquaintance - I have found that now when I separate people into the friend or acquaintance category the disappointment is not as great.

So for all those that have been inconsiderate or too busy, three bitch slaps to you. To me, who is finally learning - three happy finger snaps!

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