Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Read only if you have time for God'

I received an email today from a friend who I have known for years.  The email was titled 'Read only if you have time for God'.  Over the years, while they lived here, I did my normal over the top friendship criteria.  When they left we stayed in touch and then my divorce happened.  Gradually the emails stopped EXCEPT for the religious ones, you know the ones that state, 'If you have Jesus in your life I dare you email this to everyone' or 'Profess to the world your love for Christ send to 1,000 people and you will be greatly rewarded'.

I would email them updates on my life, through the divorce, meeting my husband, getting married, losing my job yak-yak-yak.  No response, nothing, but hey those Jesus emails kept coming.

Today was not a good day to receive this one.  It was hard to read the email as the steam that was coming out of my ears was fogging up my glasses.  After I called my poor husband to vent and my sister who lives on another continent, I figured a response was in order.

This was my response:

I have always had time for God.  God never abandoned me, people did.  Thanks for the email.

I have no doubt that I am currently being deleted from their email list and any other list that had my name on it.  There are times we just have to say to ourselves, in order to stay out of jail for repeatedly bitch slapping someone, it is best to back away.

And yes, it is okay to bitch slap someone, I asked God.  I know I can find a quote in the bible that validates it!

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