Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old Friends

Facebook has reunited me with old school friends and for that I am grateful.  In reconnecting with them I am wondering, why did we ever lose contact?

I think when we graduate high school we are so happy to be an adult we want to be far removed from our teenager, pimple, PMS days.  (Side note, those do not stop when you become an adult, we just have more words to express how we feel and our parents can't wash our mouths out with soap for saying them out loud.)

This past week my school had a 'gathering' for girls in our year.  I was unable to attend as this event took place on another continent.  I won't say this was a reunion as no one does a high school reunion like the people in the States can - always about being bigger and better!

I am dying to get the scoop on who has done what and where they are now in their lives.  I am giddy like a school girl to get the dirt and dish it with my old friends.

Let me explain.  I attended an all girls school where I took the course, Bitch 101.  I received a straight A.  I was a natural.  There were a few that managed to surpass me in that course and this is the reason why my evil side is showing. 

I know what many would say, "turn the other cheek". My response is, "yes, please do, it would make it easier to slap them with two fingers because they are not worth my whole hand."

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