Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Selling my home

I feel as though I am doing everything backwards! Selling your home in the worst economy has certainly been a challenge, a challenge to me as the idiots are breeding.

A few pointers to those "buyers" that have been through my home:

- "The home is very plain in decorating" - well Mr. Idiot #1, I prefer the minimalistic look, not the country cottage threw up all over my home look. And guess what, you get to bring your own personal leopard print rugs, black velvet Elvis paintings and chia pets when you buy the home!! - 1 bitch slap

- "The basement has a lot of stuff in it" - Really Ms. Idiot #2, it is a basement, the storage area and everything is on shelves. And guess what, when I move all that stuff comes with me, yes it is true, I don't leave it all behind - 1 bitch slap

- "We would prefer a little more backyard" - Ah, explain, a little more backyard... firstly this is a subdivision, there may be "estate" in the title, but that does not pertain to the homes. 1/2 bitch slap

- "The house is listed for $250,000, do you think they would take $170,000?" There are no amount of bitch slaps for this one, just sympathy, sympathy for the woman that gave birth to you... how she must weep at night!

I am tired of inconsiderate Realtors, tired of being told "it is a buyers market" and tired of dealing with people and their comments about my home, a home that has provided shelter, warmth and good memories.... "plain" I'll show you plain....


  1. I hear you about the comments...either people are rude or stupid...I believe they never listened to their Mom's; "if you don't have anything nice say; shut the f*ck up, junior." Direct quote from my loving Mom ;)

  2. If I can do this, you can too! Don't listen to the realtors - what they should tell you is that there is a buyer for every property. You will know when the right person walks through the door!


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