Sunday, November 8, 2009


The one great thing about having your own 'bitch blog', is that it does not matter how long ago the 'bitch' happened. T-Mobile dared to cross the Princess in 2007 and I am still steaming! So for my few readers, I will share my bitch with you. (this is where you the reader do the mental note to self, the Princess buries the hatchet with the handle sticking out!)

Over the summer in 2007 my family took a trip outside the USA, maybe I should pause to let some know that there is life and other cultures outside this vast country, but I digress. My husband needed access to the Internet and from T-Mobile purchased their Internet plug in thingamajig for the computer.

Once we were out of the country we tried to use it, but it kept on "dropping" the connection so we went with a local company.

Now this is where it gets great!! On our return we received a bill from T-Mobile for... are you sitting down.... $739.47 for 52 minutes of internet time. So when I contacted T-Mobile the response was that this is what the country of origin charged us..... Okay dumb ass, did you not think I would call that country to check.... they charged T-Mobile 2c per minute!!

My option from T-Mobile was, pay your bill or we will put this on your credit report. I contacted the FCC and opened a complaint, but I think that the mobile company lobbyists got to them before I did as, wait for this, there was nothing they could do. (Insert shock and horror gasps)

Cellphone companies have taken over. Remember when we had to deal with QWEST as they were the only phone company out there? Well the saying "be careful what you wish for, it might just come true" comes to mind. We were tired of QWEST being the monopoly, but now we sit with contracts and out of control taxes on our cellphones and fees, fees to dial 911 if you were in a situation that you needed help.

I wonder if the CEO of T-Mobile has to pay the 911 fee? It may just take 4 bitch slaps to find out?

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