Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging and pictures

While browsing through blogs I am amazed to see how many people post pictures of their children in the bathtub.

I have lots of pictures of my son when he was younger, all the bubbles and all the toys.  I have never thought to post them on a public forum.

I know that for many people this is a way to stay connected with family, but why would you not then set your blog to private?  Yup, you do have that option, I guarantee you that no exclusive model agency is out there checking blogs for the new Gerber baby.

Am I over reacting?  Okay, so I am not Wal Mart where they turned in a couple when they printed pictures of their own children... that was ridiculous, but on blogs where there are many pedophiles just waiting to copy images, maybe the parents need to have a slight reality check!

Ah yes, and how would you suggest they come to reality Ms. Nubian.... well with a bitch slap and a "what the hell are you thinking" speech as I hold my wine glass firmly in my left hand.   I have found that bitch slapping with my right works far better.. 

Maybe it is true that when we give birth we lose a few brain cells....

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  1. I have bath pictures of my kids too...but I don't post them to facebook or blogs. I many weirdos out there.


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