Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fundraisers and opinions

Every year my December starts with a fund raiser luncheon.

Why do there always have been a certain few that can spoil an event for those that have worked so hard to get it up and running?  Are there really that many people out there that are just not happy?

Parking too far from ballroom, (I counted 100 steps from parking garage to ballroom).  Price increased $5.00 (has never increased in 11 years).  Wait to enter parking garage (average wait was 2 minutes) and the list goes on.

My favorite part of putting together an event of this proportion, is how many people deem it necessary to give you 'tips' on what you can do better next year.  Really?  Where were you when we NEEDED help?  When we needed items to be transported, baskets to be made, donations to be collected?  But you have a tip on how better we can place the baskets next year?  I know EXACTLY where to place those baskets!  Be grateful that I am unable to lift my arms to dutifully provide you with the slap you deserve, due to schlepping heavy baskets through a convention center.

I think that everyone needs to blog.  It should be a part of required therapy when visiting your therapist.  Okay maybe not everyone can blog, so here is my suggestion that we make bitch slapping legal.  We could have a panel of judges and here is my selection.

My friend Chiromancer who lives across the pond and feels the same way as I do about Simon Cowell (and it is not favorable).

My fellow 'campaign for congress' slave - we might have to give him guidelines to bitch slapping though - we may need to do some tweaking,  he would want to give everyone the same amount of slaps and we would be there for HOURS.

My Californian girlfriend Ms. T - she would write the marketing plan and proposal on our Bitch Slap Bill - grammar and punctuation will be flawless!

I think that would be a wonderful start to helping people along in the "Slapped to Sanity" program.

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  1. Ha, ha - yes, several contenders for your slapped for sanity programme spring to mind. 1. The boorish fellow on the train who insists on telling everyone about his holiday to Sinai - interesting, but we really don't care. Slap!
    2. The woman who feels totally compelled to crunch her crisps at full volume - didn't your mother every tell you to chew with your mouth closed. Slap!
    3. And chavs. Don't get me started, but chavs really need a slap!!


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