Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's the most hectic-i-ful time of the year

How crazy has this month become?  Is it just me or has December just got out of control?  For the past three years I have not put up a single Christmas decoration.  Yes, my home would be the one with no lights, no bobbing santa's and no wire lit deer.  I was considering replacing our porch light for a red light, but then remembered my last trip to Amsterdam. 

I have seen the sheer panic in friends because they have not completed their shopping.  They wait for the final 70% off deal and drive everywhere looking for that stupid robotic hamster because little Suzee/Johnee must have it!

The gifts pile under the Christmas Tree ten deep and the excitement and buzz is at a all time high - that high you experience when you find Christian Louboutins on sale and yes they are in your size!  (okay maybe not you), but where was I, oh yes that high thing.

Christmas day arrives, gifts are opened, people gushing and lying about that loofah on a stick that doubles as a shower cleaner is just what you wanted, paper piling high and kids saying "is that all?".  And then nothing, a totally downer, total depression and the thought of new debt now looms ahead.

We have lost something people!  I think Hallmark employing psychologists is finally paying off.  We have been sucked into the "if you love someone...", "show them you care this Christmas" crap that we have forgotten about the spirit of Christmas.

I finally figured out a few years ago that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in America.  It is about being with family, being thankful for your friends who put up with your crap and blogs throughout the year and the overeating and laughing and drinking and most of all bonding!

No gifts exchanged, no expectations, no robotic hamsters driving the dogs insane, just you, your family and your friends.

This Christmas day my husband and I will be at the Catholic church soup kitchen feeding the homeless.  This is our way of giving back to our new community and going home with the best gift of all, each other.

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