Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts.

When you stop questioning why and accept it is so, 
is when you are ready to walk into the forest with no fear.


  1. Almost all primitive societies have a compulsory rite of passage for young boys, and the point of their trials is to realize that aphorism, "When you stop questioning why and accept it is so, is when you are ready to walk into the forest with no fear." I almost envy that kind of life, or wish I went through a similar ordeal. I feel like life is only riddled with fear because I have this non-tangible sense of security which I did not acquire for myself.

  2. so much of my life has been spent asking why...I still dont know the answers, and I waisted all that time asking...

    lovely photo and wise thought my friend

  3. @ Nan - Thank you

    @ Leila - The point is to stop questioning and accept certain things.

    @ David - I agree and I took the photo while on a hike on a trail that is a short walk from our home. I love Oregon.

  4. :)
    Eastern philosophy:
    "Unask the question"

  5. when you have first verified there are no bears in there, you are ready to walk into the forest with no fear.

  6. Love that picture - I miss Oregon. Love the quote also.

  7. @ Ant ~ Exactly!

    @ David ~ Sarah Palin is on bear patrol so no worries ;~)

    @ Brooke ~ That picture was taken at Bald Hill, lovely hike. Thank you, sometimes these quotes just pop into my head.

  8. Nubian - SP bought a house in AZ. She will be a fellow resident. I need to unleash the rattlers..

    Love that shot. The light is perfect!
    And one of the hardest things for me is to just accept, NOT ask Y, and enjoy now.

  9. @Alex, you broke the cardinal sin & mentioned - by name - one of those beasts that slithers on the ground anywhere that Nubian might possibly see it!!!

    While there are a lot of things that I've had to put in the Lord's hands, I also have to say that one of my favorite sayings is:

    Sometimes it's better to stop asking the questions, and start questioning the answers.
    Author unknown

  10. @ Alex ~ oooohhhh you mentioned the S word

    @ M2M ~ HA, I have you trained.

  11. The woods are my favorite.

    I miss Vermont. I had no fear of the forests there.


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