Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First timer and conversations with T.

I think I must be one of the very few people out there that gets so excited about voting.  I voted for the very first time last year and today we had a special election.  I know, give me time and I too will be jaded.

Today was T's first time to vote.  In Oregon our ballots are mailed to our homes and then we fill in the little circles and take it into voting stations and drop it into the box.  Voting increased when Oregon went to this format.

Anyway I digress... back to T and his first time voting.

This is how the conversation went:

Me:  I really think you should take your ballot down so that I can get a picture of you voting for the first time.

T:  Mom, seriously?

Me:  I think it would be great to add to your album of all your first's.  Don't you?

T:  So you want to take a picture of all my first's?

Me:  Yes

T:  Mom, ALL my first's?

Me:  Yes, what's your problem... oh, okay, wait, what?  Give your ballot to Bear he is going to the library.

Creating memories with T just got a whole lot weirder.


  1. Yes, we're getting to the point in Motherhood that we're just better off not knowing about some of those firsts. :D

  2. lol, this made me snort out loud...love it ;)

  3. LOL. You may not always be there for all the first's, but mothers have this intuitive clairvoyance which lets them think "oh boy... he just had ***"

  4. Alrighty then. Maybe not ALL firsts...

  5. what other firsts are you thinking about? ;p

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  6. He got you there. He's a sharp one.

  7. Voting is cool. I was voted Most Likely To Start a Meth Lab senior year.

  8. Oh my! LOL!

    Oh you will get over voting. Pretty sure it was a voting day on the day of our wedding. Hubby and I did a postal vote, but everyone else had to go to the nearest election booth. LOL...

  9. Hahaha! This made me laugh out loud! Cheeky!

  10. Darlin, there are some "firsts" a mother doesn't want to even know about!

  11. @Meg ~ Agreed
    @David ~ you're welcome
    @Leila ~ and I hope it doesn't materialize to that
    @Brooke ~ totally
    @Antares ~ oh yeah totally doing the la la la thing
    @STAT ~ what firsts are YOU thinking about?
    @Vinny ~ well you know he does play WoW
    @Denny ~ how did that work out for you?
    @Alittlesprite ~ Yeah, totally oh my moment
    @Talli ~ terribly cheeky pup that one
    @Linda ~ oh Mama don't I know it.

  12. I love this. What I really love is that it took me a little while to "get it". But man, when it hit me, I really did laugh out loud!

  13. @ TDM ~ Yeah me too. Welcome to my blog.


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