Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thinking Out Loud.

Harris Bridge, Corvallis, Fall 2010

Wouldn't it be better in text language to abbreviate the word come to cme instead of cum

Noticing more in the blog world that people are adding PayPal to their blogs and asking for donations.  Did pan handling just go viral?

Lots of people bitching about the rain, snow etc.  Do you think that this summer when they are out on the lake or watering their yards or taking a long shower they will remember?

I wish people would look in their own community to help than joining a cause on Facebook that is in another country and in which we have no control over.  Isn't there a saying 'Charity begins at home'?
Discovered a new wine estate yesterday.  Namaste Vineyards.  How appropriate don't you think?


  1. I have Paypal but reuse to link it. Aside from that, I saw the blogger buzz about that new "Donate To My Blog" gadget.

    Not gonna happen. Not on my blog.

  2. I hate it when people abbreviate come with really bothers me. I deleted a woman from my facebook because of her overuse of cum.

    Bitching about the weather is a waste of time. We have absolutely no control over it, so why complain? There are a few people I know that complain no matter what the temp and it makes me want to bitch slap them.

    Charity does begin at home, but you never know when the good you do has a positive affect on someone, anywhere in the world. I recently joined Because Every Mother Matters. One of my childhood friends adopted two of the children of one of the mothers they are helping. Over the last two years, I've watched these children grow and thrive and now they get to know their mom is getting help she desperately needs.

  3. @ Vinny ~ agreed

    @ Meg ~ I guess I should have clarified... some people join causes and think that by just clicking a like button helps. It goes beyond that and you and I both know that. I saw the outstanding work you did during the Japan earthquake, you didn't just join the cause, you pulled up your shirt sleeves and helped.

  4. I'm with Vinny on this one. Probably one of the new things that keeps messing with our blogs.

    I know what you mean, too many donations end up in administration, never get there.

    We got involved with rescues, they need saving too:)
    Getting up every two hours to feed something that fits in your palm: Crazy priceless.

  5. @ Ant ~ yesterday we released a Pine Siskin back into the wild after she had been rehabilitated. Hubby and I are involved with a local wildlife rehab center.

  6. Namaste Vineyards! I love it. What a great name.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  7. nice thoughts, and I agree :) charity should begin at home, we have people in our own towns in need, even in my little farm town I recently discovered a family of homeless living in the is everywhere and we as children of this earth need to reach out to one another.

  8. I agree with helping close to home. There is so much need right here.

    I thought of you as I drank a bottle of wine yesterday...the wine is shaped like a cat. I think I'm going to save the bottle because it's so cute and awesome!! (The wine wasn't bad either...)

  9. I find the whole texting thing difficult. I have big fingers for a phone keyboard. Also, cme is much better!!! If you need money, get a job. Don't ask readers to "donate". Jeeze! That's not my style, but then I don't have ads on mine either. I think we are related!

  10. not sure I'd be so up for wine from Namaste. I mean I would after a couple, tho.

  11. @ Talli ~ They have a Chardonnay Gewurtz blend called PEACE. Truly summer in a bottle.

    @ David ~ you and I are on the same page.

    @ Brooke ~ I have created a memory stamp for many now when they drink wine. So fun to be thought of randomly.

    @ Linda ~ I have no doubt we are related.

    @ David ~ extremely so

  12. Excellent!:). Same here. I saw your comment on Sprite's.
    I have been bringing various disheveled critters home ever since I could pick them up.

    Check out "rescued hummingbird" on youtube. Big smile.
    Did you see my this is lucky post from a while back?

    One life at a time:)

  13. LOL! OMG! I was wondering the same thing about the donations! Does this seriously work??? I guess people figure it can't hurt to ask, right??

    I just bet there's a lot of really rich people out there reading our blogs saying: Hey! This is great free reading! Where do I pay??

    Glad you found me. Looks like we have a lot in common!

  14. TMMW ~ Yes I think we do have a lot in common, more than you know. ;~)

  15. I agree about the abbreviation for the word come, but I think it is silly to use abbreviations when you are only making the word sorter by one letter anyway.

    I hate people who just complain to complain, but you have to admit that the weather has caused a lot of damage this year as well. This is the wettest year we've had in Utah since 1977 and it is causing a lot of property and personal damage.

    Unless people get involved, they often don't realize how much is needed close to home. I volunteered in a few different activities this last year and was amazed at how little people even notice what goes on around them.

    My 19-year old volunteered his day off to go walk a construction site to identify bird's nests with eggs so they wouldn't be bulldozed. He found a pheasant's nest with 14 eggs that were saved because of his actions.

  16. Um, why are we trying to abbreviate a four-letter word? (not that kind of four-letter word...) :)

    Can I just click LIKE on your other thoughts?

  17. M2M ~ People just need to quit bitchin' period, unless it is me.

    Brent ~ my thoughts exactly!! Welcome to my blog.


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