Monday, May 16, 2011

It doesn't take much to make me happy.

I took this picture.

Yesterday we went to Left Coast Wine Estate for dessert and I was so excited to learn that they are now offering MAGNUM, yes I said MAGNUM Pinot Noir.  First bottle is $45.00 and then you bring your bottle back and they refill it for $30.00.  Yes I know they do this with beer growlers, but have never seen it done with wine. 

I am so happy I can't see straight, or maybe it is the wine.  Anyway, how perfect is this because now when you ask me how much wine have I had, I can truthfully say, one bottle. 


  1. that would make me happy too ;)

  2. Good view and beverage. It's the simple things, isn't it?:)

  3. Nice, very nice, and fresh photo!
    i Need the whole barrel - Would be drinking off the tap thingy and misbehaving. Love Pinot Noir :)

  4. I love that picture. And what a great way to recycle...refilling the bottle. Love it!!!

  5. the very definition of happiness I would say

  6. You're going to inspire me to start drinking wine. I know I keep saying that, but one of these days.

  7. Great pic! Please let me know when they start doing the refill thing with Scotch. I'll probably move to wherever that happens.

    (I looked at your followers list and didn't see me!? I wonder if something got changed when you switched blog styles or something? Regardless, I am now happily stalking you once again)

  8. I can't thing of anything more relaxing right now than that scenery & the wine.

  9. @DAW ~ Could you just see Lola running through the grounds while we eat great food and drink this delicious Pinot?

    @KOC ~ At least you're not getting your ass kicked by me.

    @Antares ~ Amen

    @Alex ~ I hear you on the barrel... I have those 'barrel days'.

    @Brooke ~ yes recycling, always about being green

    @David ~ better than me bitching

    @Meg ~ When I visit we will start together, I mean you will start I will teach, oh hell you know what I mean

    @Doc ~ you and my husband! thanks for stalking me again

    @Vinny ~ I do live in a beautiful part of the country.

  10. Are we ever going to see you again?

  11. I love a good magnum myself! And filled with Pinot, would make me so happy I couldn't see straight either. Particularly when I finished the first one in the parking log and toddled back in for my reduced rate wine!


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