Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living in a college town.

Living in a college town has it's moments.  There are times that I love it and then there are times that I hate it, especially at 3:00am.

I was woken up to loud screaming.  Sounded like someone was hurt, but there was lots of giggling along with the 'ow, ow, ow' yelling.

I got up out of bed, put on my robe, and went flying out the front door.

Me:  HEY, do you guys know what the time is?

Young man:  I am so sorry to have woken you Ma'am, but my friend climbed over a hedge and now has a twig stuck in her vagina.

His mother would be proud.


  1. What the what?! She's obviously putting all that college fund money her parents saved up to good use.

  2. Imagine having to teach large rooms full of these idiots day after day.

  3. **shakes head** where is the yearbook camera crew when you need them?

  4. usually guys like to refer to their manly parts as being larger than twigs.

  5. @Vinny ~ I really should start a blog, "Is this your child" and post their drunken behavior.

    @David ~ I giggled too

    @Doc ~ I think of you every day I am driving around campus. They don't pay you enough!

    @Brooke ~ I should start filming!

    @SherilinR ~ agree

  6. I think I may use "my friend has a twig stuck in her vagina" as my new favorite sex euphemism ...

    Really should have been a YouTube moment ...


  7. sweet - at least he didn't ask to borrow a tool from the shed to get it out..

  8. I can just imagine your face! LMAO!!!!

  9. *trying not to think about my daughter moving to a college town next year*


    This needs to become a sitcom.


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