Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be careful what you wish for.

One evening husband and I were watching Inspector Lewis.  I love Inspector Lewis.  During one scene Detective Sergeant Hathaway is on a romantic date and starts quoting poetry to his lady friend.

I looked at my dearest hubby and asked, "Why do you never quote poetry to me?" 

Husband paused for a bit, turned to me and said:

I took her to the Comfort Inn,
Tucked her in,
Pulled out the third leg and pumped it in.

Sometimes reality just bites.


  1. Buwahahahahaha!!! That sounds like a military man to me! If my husband quoted poetry to me, I'd think he'd lost his mind. Or wonder what he was up to.

  2. Is this what's known as "poetic justice"???


  3. If we look at this poem on the surface, it would seem trite and vulgar. However, I believe there is a deeper meaning, much more beautiful and complex, which touches on the diaphanous nature of the relationships between a man and a woman, contrasting the subtle, yet rapacious vigor of burgeoning womanhood to the stark, fatalistic attitude of oblivion, pervasive in late 13th Century aesthetics and philosphy of European continental males.

    For example...


    Right. Forget that crap.

    Ok, so he's a guy. Could be worse, I suppose.

  4. I need to add, in my husband's defense that he is not this crass, ever.

    While in the Air Force he worked with a person who would constantly spout this.

    So I guess it just came to his mind.

    But I loved it because it is my sense of crass, warped humor.

  5. I'm stealing this. (Please thank your husband.)

  6. This is basically verbatim of the poetry The Major would recite to me. Such a romantic...

  7. This made me chuckle. You have to give him points for thinking on his feet.

  8. Actually, that's quite lyrical. Sort of on the order of the verse from "Bang Bang Lulu".

    Lulu had a chicken
    Lulu had a duck
    She put them on the table
    To see if they would ... Bang bang Lulu, Bang bang Lulu, Bang bang Lulu, she'll do it every time.

    Lulu had a boyfriend
    His name was Diamond Dick
    She never saw his diamond
    She only saw his ... Bang bang Lulu etc.

    Deep stuff, kiddo, this poetry!

  9. Lol.

    @Defiant Marshmallow, continue to lol at the attempt of giving it deeper meaning.

    @Linda, :)

    Where am I?

  10. @Meg ~ I guess I will only fantasize about poetry

    @PM ~ absolutely!

    @DM ~ You always make me laugh

    @dbs ~ you're welcome

    @Brooke ~ we have way too much in common right?

    @JL ~ agreed

    @Linda ~ Only you :~)

    @Ant ~ you think we should start a poetry blog?

  11. That is bound to be a classic. What a romantic.


    Well, at least it wasn't Motel 6.

  13. Absolutely. Beautiful. I cried (and peed a little too), he has a gift.


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