Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update to previous blog post.

My peace picture and ladybird from a dear friend.

My previous blog post still has me thinking.  I am grateful for my blog readers, all 16 of you who read the blog and I love that we are all on the same page.  I 100% agreed with Linda's comment that I don't begrudge anyone their deserved riches, but as my very wise husband stated "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required"

After I posted, my friend T sent me an email.  I asked her if I could share it.


Even if Kim Kardashian says she gives 10% of her income to charity because she was taught to give back, there's just too much 'celebrity' to take that seriously. I think most of them give $$, but not to many give of themselves to the level of say, Matt Damon for clean water, George Clooney about the genocide in Darfur, Ashley Judd re the tungsten mines in Africa and women and children's rights, and Christie Turlington for women's right in Africa (No Woman, No Cry). These people get dirty and sweaty for their causes. They don't write checks, they get on planes and then use their magazine interviews to educate people and get you pissed off that the world is so damn unequal that we should all do something.

A little closer to home Sean Penn, Brad Pitt and Anderson Cooper are the only ones wondering why Katrina victims are still victims.

I think our fast paced, overly-communicated world has made us apathetic. If it's not happening to you, who cares. The thing is, someone always has it worse than you do. When everyone asked me why I was so calm during my unemployment that was the answer I gave. Because someone out there has it way worse than me. I'm grateful and thankful.

I think the celebrity fantasy and all the reality show fascination is the world's crack. They do it to escape because the world is full of horrible bad news, so they take a hit of Jersey Shore and blissfully fall asleep. It's exactly why I refused to watch anything about the Royal Wedding this year. My life will never be that privileged, so I don't need to see it. I'm not a dreamer, I'm a realist. And we need to change our reality.

I couldn't agree more.


  1. Spot on! Nubian, you pretty much know how I think and feel about "celebrity" and helping others. I don't have all the answers, but I have a lot of opinions(ha!). I agree with T, we do need to change our reality. And don't get me started on the "victims" of Katrina...don't we Americans love to be victims?

  2. @Meg ~ I have a friend who survived Katrina. She lost everything, but picked herself up, brushed herself off and is back on track. There are still people out there using the "woe is me card" but there are those that have still not been helped and living in horrible conditions because what FEMA provided was faulty. I guess what many are asking is where did all the money go that we, Americans, sent to help our fellow Americans. Thank you for being one of my most loyal blog supporters and friend. xox

  3. See, me trying to piss people off again... ;) I agree, if money was donated for people affected by Katrina and they didn't get it, who did? But, at the same time, in how many other countries, can someone expect their government to step in and provide them with the the things they lost due to a natural disaster? Kudos to your friend for getting back on track on her own. Too many times people want the hard responsibilities to be someone else's and not their own. I get so tired of people feeling like the government or society owes them. Sorry if I did offend, that was not my intention.

  4. @Meg ~ you did not offend, I know what you meant. Unfortunately through words on the internet others would not have got it. Just wanted to give everyone a glass of wine and into chill mode before anything broke out. :)

  5. I should have that glass of wine. And it's only 7:30AM here. I think I should stick with my rule of no posting on the internet before noon. ;)

  6. As my dad says, it is very easy to write a check and pretend you did your charitable deed. It is a whole other story to get your hands dirty and work alongside those in need and not say a word to the world.

    The likes of KK that write a check and feel they've done a good deed, need to step out of their Louboutins, drop their Gucci purse and wipe the snot off a crying, hungry babies face and then see how they feel about doing a charitable deed.

    As for Katrina, It happened, most have moved on. PTSD does exist but you live with it and don't let the world know what is going on on the inside. Those that are still crying woe is me, are the same people that said "The Government will take care of me".

    Nuff Said..

  7. Your blog reader T makes me cry with her/his blunt letter to you. Happy tears, that is! Not enough of those people around, in my oh so opinionated view.

    Heidi, those KK sisters make me want to puke!

    Nubian, I didnt reply to the previous blog post because I was too sad. It was just as well..

  8. Very well said! And that email from T is very well expressed, too. We need more people like that.

    (PS - I got your postcard the other day! What a lovely surprise. It made me grin! Thank you loads. )

  9. The Kardashians are vile. T is spot-on. As one of those 16 readers, I have an award for you in my latest post.

  10. Self centered, egotistical and arrogant people make me very tired. I see a lot of beauty in Angelina Jolie, not because of her perfect face but because the woman has a heart and would be someone I would like in real life I think. I don't envy wealth and celebrity. But I do envy the ability to do something worthwhile for humanity. So I try to do what I can in my small way.

  11. Well said.
    I doubt that our "celebrities" set out to become philanthropists.

  12. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing new posts from you. Just discovered that my "follow" never took. So sorry to have missed so much. I'm a loyal follower now!

  13. My friend T is very wise. She is good with words. I just am very good with bitch slapping. We make a great team.


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