Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Finally, tight end season has begun.
Go Beavs!


  1. Word! You gave me a heart attack with the title - and then I realized by the buff guy holding a ball, what you were really talking about ;-)

    Go Beavs! Just piggy-backing on your vibe here..

  2. who are these beaver chaps? I'm afraid my record of buying pressies from England was as good as Arsenal's defence. My boss has already berated me - maybe I can get you a souvenir towel of Norfolk naval base...

  3. They should bring the background chanters right to the games. Yup, another dumb idea. You're welcome.

  4. @DAW ~ yup I love me some tight ends

    @Alex ~ sorry... and thanks for cheering for my team

    @David ~ Oregon State University Football team

    @dbs ~ loving your 'ideas'


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