Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm from where?!

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Today I was at the gas station.  I live in a State where people pump your gas for you.  I am 100% okay with that.  The female attendant was speaking with another attendant.  This is how the conversation went.

Male Attendant:  My girlfriend is doing an internship in Cape Town and is only paying $35.00 per month for internet access.  

Female Attendant:  Wow that is great.  You would think in a third world country it would be more.

Wait. What?  What did she just say?  Oh no she didn't.  I did the reverse tortoise and my head shot out of my car window and loudly exclaimed:

'Excuse me?  I am from Cape Town and South Africa is far from being a third world country.'

Female Attendant:  *crickets*

Verbal bitch slaps make my day. 


  1. LOL :)

    I want to know where the hell they still pump gas for ya??? ;)

  2. Your are tooo funny!!! The reverse tortoise move had me in stitches :)

    What is *crickets*?

  3. @David ~ if I told you would you move here and have me over for dinner parties?

    @Alex~ *crickets* is no sound... like camping... silence and crickets. ;~)

  4. But do they have football? And I'm not talking round-ball.

  5. Okay, so the buildings are nice. But do they have American football?
    I don't think my last post skidded through the filter... apologies if you get two.

  6. South Africa is gorgeous and economically resplendent in mine eyes. The bitch didn't even use "3rd world" correctly as it stood for countries who did not take sides during the Cold War.

  7. Love the reverse tortoise. Way to set her straight.

  8. Also totally dig the Reverse Tortoise move!

    The attendant was probably thinking to herstupidself, "Boy, those Third World people are so bitchy!"

  9. People can be so dumb! Actually, it sounds (unfortunately) like you must be in America! Nowhere else is as poor at world geography as us. "Reverse tortoise" is sheer genius!

  10. I feel this way when people talk shit about Saskatchewan.

  11. Ah, ignorance. However, they are pumping gas....

  12. That's awesome. And how I miss having someone pump my gas for me.

  13. @Munk ~ we have Rugby, the game real men play. ;~)

    @Leila ~ I always learn a little something new from you

    @Tim ~ thanks, I am not as eloquent with words as you are and the bloggers I follow, reverse tortoise is the only phrase I could come up with the illustrate my action.

    @DM ~ hahahaha totally

    @Linda ~ unfortunately I have to agree, although I have met a few winners around the world

    @dbs ~ so... any sasquatch sightings?

    @AlittleSprite ~ thank you

    @Pseudo ~ shouldn't be an excuse right?

    @Brooke ~ I love not having to get out of my car!

  14. Brilliant. Well dim-witted, but YOU were brilliant. And I LOVE "crickets." Can't wait to use it!


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