Monday, September 5, 2011

And then I read this.

 Today as I was glancing through the newspapers online I saw stories with the following headings.

Diddy parties it up at exclusive resort in Las Vegas with hundreds of guests. ($$$)

Petra Ecclestone get's Rolls Royce Ghost from new husband. ($300,000)

Kim Kardashian sex tape worth $30 million.

And then I read this

750,000 people in Somalia facing starvation

and I cried.


  1. what a world of controdictions :(

  2. It's very sad. Very, very sad.

  3. This should be in the dictionary under crime.

  4. yes you have summed it up rather poignantly - and you can bet Kim's sex tape gets more publicity and airtime too, sadly.

  5. You'd think that they'd at least try to pretend that they aren't living in their own private perfect world.

  6. I take no issue with success, but these people are the dregs of humanity. I don't understand what passes for celebrity.

  7. My friend DL Macauly mentioned your blog to me - I am so glad he did. Happy to be here. What a fantastic post. Exactly on point.


  8. @David ~ sad isn't it

    @Brooke ~ agree

    @dbs ~ I don't begrudge them their wealth, what I can't stand is the in your face they are

    @David ~ as a journalist this must frustrate you to no end

    @Vinny ~ agreed!

    @Linda ~ I mentioned you in my new blog post.

    @PM Taylor ~ welcome, thank you and following back


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