Monday, August 22, 2011

Where I'm from.

I am from farms and open spaces, from grapes, mielies and home made mince pies.

I am from the home with the long verandah, rose bushes and ocean views.

I am from the Protea, prickly and alien and trees where elephants roam.

I am from midnight mass and quirky puns, from Portuguese ancestors and obsolete traditions.

I am from the get out your shovel and help and from go make a difference

From teas and home baked cakes and always saying please.

I am from Rosary beads, holy water, statues and Catholic school.

I'm from Somerset West, nomadic ancestors, lamb curry, yellow rice with raisins and sunsets that bleed orange and yellow

From the odd family members, the long summer days, laying on the beach breathing waiting for the wave.

I am from a jumbled mess of boxes yet to be albums and pictures one is not sure of.

I am from peace and I am from love.

*Thanks to Vinny C  for posting today.  If you would like to participate go here to get the template.


  1. That is awesome! And so pretty!

  2. Vinny's was really nice. I think this is equally nice. It reads so smoothly, like his, but differently. You painted with words so brilliantly here.

  3. sounds like a lovely place to call home.

  4. Loved this. Heading to Vinny's now to read his.

  5. I am from the group of people that think this looks like a nice place to call home.

  6. @Brooke ~ thank you, that picture was taken from the Gordons Bay harbor.

    @TDM ~ Thank you, coming from you that is high praise.

    @SherilinR ~ it is and I get home sick quite often

    @dbs ~ you should take part

    @KevD ~ When I win the lottery I am flying all my blog buddies to Cape Town

    @DAW ~ thank you ~ you always are so kind with your words.

  7. Awesome! I'd like to visit there one day.

  8. Just gorgeous! Both the words and the image are stunning!

  9. I'm originally from my father's penis.

  10. Beautiful and evocative. Well done.

  11. That's beautiful. And lamb curry... YUM!


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