Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Koolest.

No I didn't spell it wrong so you can slowly lift your hands from your keyboard.  There is a purpose to the spelling.

Yesterday I read a blog post by dbs on things one should never outgrow.  Go read his post them come back.  Back?  Good.

A dear friend R who lives in San Francisco had posted on her Facebook page about her son-in-law and daughter's business, Krazee Photo booth  

After reading dbs' blog I remembered her post.  Wouldn't this be the perfect ice breaker at events and parties.  Parents are always trying to think of something cool for their tweens/teens party, this would no doubt guarantee the coolest parent award (always great to collect those when we can).

I live in a college town and I know that the fraternity/sorority members would love this.  Hopefully it will keep them from wandering the streets at night screaming about twigs in their nether regions.  (Yes, I was woken one morning at 2:00am, but that's another blog)

Wouldn't this be the greatest for team building?  No more bonding in the woods or talking about feelings.  Just have a Krazee Photo booth and cases of wine.  Wine always makes team building events so much more tolerable.

Koolest... without a doubt.


  1. It would be an awesome icebreaker.

  2. I'm thinking, time lapse. A photo after each bottle of wine! Like it!

  3. I find wine makes everything better ;)

  4. That sounds like my kind of party! :)

  5. Love the idea! There aren't enough photo booths here, I say.

  6. @Pseudo ~ totally agree

    @KingW ~ I love the way you think!

    @David ~ always

    @Talli ~ if we bring the booth to London will you plan the party?

    @VinnyC ~ Just think of all the booby photos you can take!

  7. Very clever Nubian! I especially like the team-building idea. And speaking of team-building, thank you for linking to me. You didn't have to do that.

  8. @ Sunkist ~ love you!

    @ dbs ~ It is blogger courtesy and my peeps have to sometimes read the reasons why to my blogs... it makes sense in my head.

  9. This really does look fun. It's in my area too. I may try them out or suggest them to my daughter and her husband and their kids. Sounds great!

  10. Great idea. Have to find a team. And a photo booth.

  11. I haven't been in, let alone seen, a photo booth in ages. The pictures that get taken always look fun. Have you ever seen that skit on the tonight show where people enter the photo booth and then a voice talks to them and asks them silly questions? It's pretty funny.

  12. There is a photo booth next a movie complex several streets away from here. I think I'm going to drag Jerry in (and anyone else we can find) the next time we head to the Alameda for dinner!


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