Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Power of Twittah

This week I realized just how powerful Twittah can be.  (Twittah spelled as I pronounce it, so don't be sending me emails that I am spelling it incorrectly.)

A friend of T's went into hospital for some serious surgery and we wanted to send G some flowers to make him feel a little better.  I went online to FTD as they had a good reputation. 

The flowers I ordered were these:

Two hours later G. texted me to thank me for the flowers.  I was very impressed that FTD had delivered them so quickly.  He texted me a picture.

This is what he received:

As you can see CLEARLY not what I ordered.  So I called.  Customer service person very understanding, blah blah blah offered to pick up flowers and redeliver what I ordered.  I offered to email him the pictures.  He said it wasn't necessary, so I took it to Twittah.  Showed what I had orderded and what was delivered.

Approximately 20 minutes later FTD tweets me asking what they can do.  Told them that customer service was redelivering and I would keep them posted.

Following day I received a text from G.  This is what he got.

So I tweeted the picture with the following tweet.  "FTD how sad. Lessons learned"

15 minutes later FTD Corporate calls me apologizing profusely and asking what would it take to make me happy and remove my Twittah pics.  I told them there wasn't anything, G was happy with the flowers, but that I was very disappointed.

Nancy agreed with me and because I posted the pictures it was validated.  Needless to say I would hate to be that florist.

I was refunded my $70.00 and today they sent the most gorgeous Vera Wang bouquet direct from their growers to G.  He texted me a picture. 

The vase arrived broken.


  1. I often wonder of the FTD bouquets show up looking up like they show on the website. Clearly they don't. Good job with the twitter pics!

  2. isn't it fun when you can make a company sit up & pay attention to how they're treating people? you're about the fifth person this month who i've heard complain about flowers showing up looking like shit. i bet it's always been this way, but no one had phone cameras to verify how crappy the flowers were.

  3. Good lord, they are incompetent! I'm so glad you to this to the Twittah.

  4. Strike 3! You're out FTD! At least the public embarrassment they earned themselves got you a refund.

  5. Ive always used ftd and never had a problem, so sad you did :(

  6. Vera Wang = Cool,,, But a broken vase? The delivery person is incompetent. It does say something about FTD's business ethic if corporate called you, however they seem to have trouble in the execution part. Kudos to you for holding them accountable. I think I need to rediscover Twitter.

  7. Sorry about the hassle getting what you paid for, but man, Twitter is quite the tool.

  8. wow really - that's interesting. People at City Hall sometime say "I read your Tweet' and this surprises me because I didn't think anyone read my tweets and had forgotten about them.

  9. Ah Jeeze! I had a similar experience with 1800-Flowers. I ordered some orchids in a vase (gorgeous vase) and they arrived without a vase but with little water plastic things on the bottom of the flowers. Annoying! But they did make it right after my complaint.

  10. "The vase arrived broken."

    Damn it to hell!

  11. First, thanks for Re-tweeting for me. :-)

    And well done on sticking to your guns and taking the issue public when the issue wasn't corrected properly.


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