Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook and deleting a friend.

Normally I don't have a problem deleting friends on Facebook.  I am currently having the hardest time deleting my friend Eddie.

I can't bear to have the pop ups on the side of my screen telling me that Eddie likes Microsoft, David Beckham, Courage Campaign etc.  I reached for my phone when Google was discussing Google + as Eddie was not a fan and then I realized. 

While on the phone with my dearest friend H today I went to Eddie's page and just broke down.  I had not been to Eddie's page since he passed away. 

I can seriously hear Eddie say "Listen Beotch, it's only a page."

I know.  Maybe tomorrow.


  1. You will know what to do when the time is right.

    Love you


  2. oh I am still so sad. Not ready
    to delete him :(

  3. I had a similar experience when my best friends husband passed away and then again when my dad's best friend committed suicide early this year. In both cases, their loved ones chose to delete the pages. While it took away the dilemma, it also took away every comment or picture they'd ever posted to my page. Sound selfish, don't I? It sucks. I'm sorry.

  4. Honey, I'm so sorry you lost a friend. This needs to just resolve it self over time. Keep it as long as you need it.

  5. grief is so hard...just do things at your own pace my friend.

  6. I understand how you feel. When my wife's brother was killed, she just couldn't delete his number from her cell phone. I think she would have had it still if she hadn't lost that phone.

  7. @ Heidi ~ Funny how you are always on the phone with me whether it is something to celebrate and I am screaming loudly in your ear, or yesterday where I was snot en trane!

    @ Alex ~ so hard to see his likes pop up :`(

    @ Meg ~ Yes that is so hard and not selfish at all

    @ Doc ~ yes and lots of wine

    @ Linda ~ Agreed

    @ David ~ once again thanks for always being my cheerleader

    @ Vinny ~ Now I understand why Mrs C is a little bad ass about her phone being stolen.

  8. i have this problem too when it comes to my contact list in my phone. i can't bear to delete out the people who have died, but it don't really like feeling sad every time i scroll past their names either. conundrum.

  9. I don't do facebook so I really don't know how you're feeling about that but I liked Chelle's post about this situation. Have you read it?

  10. @dbs ~ thanks for the link, pretty much sums it up for me.

  11. this is very sad Lidia. I mistakenly read the first two pars thinking he'd pissed you off and then the last two really hit home. best - David

  12. I had a friend lose his battle to cancer last year. And his facebook page lived on. But eventually I was ready to "unfriend" him. I guess that I knew he was still my friend in my heart. Eventually it just seemed strange to me knowing that he was not around anymore but still had a facebook page...does that make sense? But you should wait until it feels right to make any sorts of changes like that. It might be nice to be able to read his page for awhile for now...

  13. You bring up something I haven't encountered yet. It's a tough one and I am so sorry about your friend. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  14. @ David M. ~ tough one

    @ Ant ~ thank you for my hug

    @ Brooke ~ I know it will take time, hopefully not too long.

    @ Pseudo ~ Thank you and I love virtual hugs.

  15. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.
    Don't delete his page yet. While it hurts I know, you may regret. There will come a time when you can look upon his page and smile at the memories it provokes in you about your wonderful friend. Then, you will feel you are ready to delete his page or not.
    Again, I am very sorry (hug)

  16. I'm sorry for you. What else can I say?

  17. it is your way of stayiing in touch. I have a box full of Tracy's stuff. I have the cards she was making just minutes before she died. They are almost 24 years old. They are my stay in touch stuff. I have a picture of Tracy sitting on my make up table so I can touch her every day. It my stay in touch stuff. There is nothing wrong with this or you not deleting Eddie's page. Keep in touch, talk to him. It was aabout his life. Hugs.

  18. @ A Little Sprite ~ Thank you

    @ Brent ~ My blog friends are way cool, thank you

    @ KaLynn ~ I love it "in touch stuff" Thank you.


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