Monday, July 18, 2011

You're welcome.


  1. That was gorgeous. I like it better than the Smooth Criminal rendition of the two famous Dutch cellists (forgot their names so I'll call them that). Honestly I can't wait to be able to do professional mash-ups. Now to find myself an electric violin...

    Just out of curiosity though, which Mozart piece did they mash up with this? I don't recognize any other theme. I tried to read the comments but all I got was zilch. Did they mean it's in Mozartized style? I guess you can count that for the piano...

    Either way it was great. Thank you :)

  2. oh wow. so awesome. thanks for sharing. i'm gonna go listen again.

  3. @Vinny ~ totally!

    @Leila ~ I need to find their website for you. Just as people think of me when drinking wine I always think of you when I hear great classical style music.

    @KaLynn ~ in my kitchen cooking and hitting the replay button... think the family is getting tired of it.

  4. This is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! Love it!

  5. You're right. Thank-you is in order.

  6. @ Linda ~ Love all their stuff. Have become a groupie.

    @ Pseudo ~ Received your daughters card and my beautiful shell magnet that is now on my fridge. xox


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