Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am moving to Ireland.

My ophidiophobia is becoming worse so I have decided to pack up and move to Ireland.  There are no slithering animals there.  I would like to thank my husband and son for tolerating me screaming this evening as I watched a show.  It has now got to the point where they come into the room, look at me and say "Snake?".

Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport is the place to shop.

This is the closest I will get to one and even this creeps me out just a little now.  (Husband is breathing a sigh of relief as that purse was $3,400)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a fellow blogger, Vinny C who pays attention (thank you Mrs. C for training him so well), before he posted a blog on these creatures he placed a huge warning at the beginning of his blog.   I think he has seen me go ape on a few friends who post pictures and do not warn me.

My husband will tell you that there are no slimy slimes there because it is too cold, but any good Catholic will tell you that it is because St. Patrick banished them.

St. Patrick is my hero.


  1. Ummm... Have a nice trip?

    There really aren't ant of them there? I did not know that.

  2. OMG...we share this fear....snakes creep me out, I wont even touch a magazine page displaying one:(

  3. @Vinny ~ St. Patrick is the man. Nope, no snakes.

    @David ~ Hubby has to mark all the pages in National Geographic before I can go through it.

  4. I'm not convinced there are NO snakes in Ireland, but will take your husband's word for it. A move there sounds great anyway. So glad you found me, which enabled me to find you!

  5. @ Mitch ~ St. Patrick said he banished ALL the snakes and that is good enough for me. ;~)

  6. For you Nubian, I'd round up all the snakes on earth to have them banished. Or maybe I'd do it just to show up St. Patrick. Either way, you win.

  7. @Doc ~ you do that for me and I will keep you in supply of the finest Scotch forever!

  8. Now, actually, I like snakes. They are interesting critters. Ireland is cold and they talk funny, Honey.

  9. I am catching up on blogs after my week away... I dislike snakes as well. And I've never been to Ireland. Although I'm told I have about 1/16th Irish blood...or something like that.


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