Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For the past few years I have worked on many conferences and symposiums and am amazed at how many people do not RSVP for socials and dinners.  I constantly have to call people on the deadline day to see if they will be attending the event.

I have put it down to the fact that RSVP is a French acronym for 'respondez s'il vous plait' and given the love/hate relationship America has with France, I should probably change my wording.

I am shocked that when I do receive a phone call, I am asked (many times) "Who is going to be there?"  Really?  So depending on who has been invited will determine whether you will grace us with your presence?

It is with these people that I put a little star next to their name and on the day of the event hand write their name badge - yes a handwritten name badge goes right up there with the saying "with all due respect".  You know you have been totally disrespected, but cannot do anything about it at the time. And yes a few have gone to the Committee Chair to vent about that rude foreigner, but they know that by me giving out a handwritten name badge, they seriously got off lightly.

I have many more "fingers to a chalkboard" dislikes, but will save those for another blog.  I will send out an invite, hopefully you will be kind enough to respond.


  1. Was just complaining about this one today. Pet Peeve of mine, not RSVPing. And being late. And being an ass hole in general.

  2. Cristin, I love your wit ~ hence I am now a fan of your blog, we think alike!!


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