Thursday, April 8, 2010


When I decided to blog it was purely to put my thoughts down on 'paper' and to entertain friends and family.  The intention of my blog was never to compete with anyone or take away followers from another blogger's blog. (My English teacher is cringing I can just feel it).

I follow a few blogs, some are not listed on my favorites, and I envy the way some people have a way with words.  Have you ever read something so funny that you just envy that person for their upbeat, funny way they look at things?  Me, I just want to bitch slap everybody.

A few weeks ago I emailed a blogger.  I figured that since this blogger has quite the following (over 200 followers) that they would be able to answer a question I was having concerning a hiccup on blogspot.  I have never heard from them.  Okay, so this blogger may be very busy, but don't you think that after three emails asking for help/advice you would just either tell me to shut up, fug off, or guide me to a help site?

I am quickly learning that blogging has become very territorial.  You can actually make money from writing down random thoughts and based on your number of followers, the money can be quite pleasing. Christian Louboutin shoes in the closet pleasing!

I have 12 followers, Jesus had 12 disciples...  I don't need hundreds of followers, just my friends/family who get a kick out of what I have to rant about.  You know that when the post hits their email they can't wait to read what the bitch has to say.

But personally I think it is to see if they are not the subject of my rant for the day.


  1. "Me, I just want to bitch slap everybody."

    Brilliant. YOU should be the new principal of you know where.

  2. I want to bitch slap lots of people. Ranting about them on a blog is also quite satisfying.


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