Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Karma

Dear Karma,
I noticed that recently you have been very busy and was wondering if perhaps you have your finger stuck on the 'what goes around, comes around'  button.  I totally get it.  I know I have made a few enemies in my past, but seriously they deserved it, so I don't think I should be punished for that one. 

You do agree with me on the Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck Idiot bus, right?  So there again no karma should be dished out.   Is it the bitch slapping thing?  I don't actually do it, just blog about it so that really should not count. If it is me looking at the 'People of Wal-Mart' website, I promise to stop (unless my friends email me some hilarious pictures then that shouldn't count either). 

Could it be when I viewed other blogs and saw pictures of the friggin' perfect families and I made stabbing gestures at the screen, I didn't mean it literally.  You have to admit, you would have thrown up with the sugar overload at the perfect husband and kids postings.  If it is none of the above don't you think that being married to the ex for 13 years was enough?  WTF you had to have been sitting on the button during that time.

I really would like you to move along, there are so many people more deserving of your finger.  If you are in need of names, I do have a list.



  1. OTFLMAO!!! Love it Lids! BTW, would like to hire you as my full time writer...esp to the X!!! No "bad karma" intended...waaahaahaa (did I evil laugh)?

  2. i have a list too, after your list of course.

    i often feel like standing in a giant field, looking up, and screaming WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? so loud that the farthest farmers will hear me and their sheep will scatter.

    just sayin. i sympathise.


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