Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons Learned.

Silver Falls, Oregon ~ Father's Day 2011

1.  Be kind.

2.  Never let the sun set on your anger.

3.  Reach out.

4.  Forgive.

5.  Hug often.

6.  Stop saving that wine for a special occasion.  Pop that cork and celebrate now.

7.  Focus on those that love you.

8.  Celebrate.

9.  Giggle more. (Yes guys can giggle too)

10.  Be blessed.


  1. I think if you live one through nine, ten will happen without effort...

    wonderful post my friend :)

  2. Good advice. I need to put some of these into practice more... Well, the giggling part I'll have to work on when I'm on my own... in a locked room... that's sound-proofed.

  3. You are so right, time is to short!

  4. #1,#2, and #4 are difficult, especially if you're an angsty-teen like me. But then again, being angsty-teen must mean I'm always looking for something else in life which is probably why i can't enjoy it right now.

  5. I don't giggle, I chuckle.

    And this post made me smile, not grin like an idiot.

  6. rather good lessons - especially 6..

  7. That photo makes me want to be at that place. I love your list! Beautiful!

  8. @ David ~ agreed and thank you

    @ Vinny ~ I have to witness you giggling, could you video tape and post on YouTube for me? Thanks

    @ Gizzy58 ~ Indeed it is

    @ Leila ~ now is the time to take those on, be the change you wish to see in the world.

    @ Ant ~ Giggle/Chuckle all the same right? ;~)

    @ David M. ~ Absolutely!

    @ Linda ~ We had a great hike there on Father's Day. Thank you.

  9. Those falls are beautiful. Your list is also beautiful.

  10. Thank you for the reminder! I'm struggling with some of these lately but I need to remember that things could always be worse. Number 7 is my favorite. Sometimes my focus is on those who have hurt my feelings when I should just enjoy the fact that I'm blessed to have so many who love me. Love and Hugs to you Nubian!


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