Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bloom where you are planted.

Considering the amount of manure currently in my life I think I will be doing quite nicely by next spring.


  1. Lids, I read this first on your tweet, and you know what? I just thought to myself the same thing! Wow!

  2. I hear you! My life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon. Hope things get better for you as well!

  3. Same here. Although I'm about to be transplanted soon. We went apartment hunting yesterday & we found a place. We'll be moving in a month.

    Woohoo... I think.

  4. Such a pretty picture. But so many tulip bulbs to plant....was this pic taken near your home??

  5. eek - I seem to spend most of my life unsuccessfully dodging manure - how are you?

  6. @ Alex ~ we're connected you and I.

    @ Meg ~ I miss our Skype chats

    @ Vinny C ~ Hope your move goes smooth. ;~)

    @ Brooke ~ I wish! This was a random picture on the internet.

    @ David ~ hanging in there

    @ Ant ~ Am going to Holland next year to visit our friends during Tulip season... you joining us?

  7. Totally.

    I'll have to research what kind of birds they have first though ;)

  8. spring seems a million miles away. oh how i hope the shit brings something beautiful in the end.

  9. isnt it amazing, out of shit flowers bloom...hugs dear friend


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