Friday, May 14, 2010


I have 30 days to sell my home.  I have buried St. Joseph, prayed to St. Joseph, lit many, many candles to St. Joseph, bargained with St. Joseph and still St. Joseph is not listening.  I know he can hear me, but I have the sneaky feeling that I am being transferred right into voice mail.  (St. Joseph, it's a Catholic thing, go GOOGLE it.)

A Realtor made the comment to my Realtor that there are so many homes in our price range out there.  Yes, I would agree BUT not in our neighborhood or for 3,180 square feet.  I am practicing meditation ~ I am standing in front of said Realtor, left hand firmly holding the stem of my wine glass, slowly raise right hand, breath in, breath out, feel your center, and WHAPISH ~ bitch slapped right upside the head!

So dear friends please, please, please start lighting candles, put out the positive energy, pray that the god's (whom ever she should be ;D) to send me the buyer who will fall in love with my home so that I can finally make the big move to be with my husband, because you want me to be happy right?  (is the guilt coming through okay?  check 1, check 1, 2).

Husband, I know you banned me from emailing the White House before I got my citizenship, but now I am only 28 days away from the big event.  Can I please, please email Mr. President and ask for a bail out?  I promise to be nice.


  1. Yes, too much stress in your life and St. Joseph must be busy. I'd vote for another bailout if it would lessen your stress level.

  2. I'll dance naked beneath the moon for ya tonight.

  3. @Tulpen ~ Haven't tried dancing beneath the naked moon ~ might give it a go tonight ~ will be contacting my group of sisters (The DD's - Divorced Diva's) and hauling in the wine.

    @Cheeseboy ~ you would do that for me? Could you also have your little boy wear his moon boots for a week?


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