Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Newspaper Headlines

Arizona loses more business as Immigration law backlash continues
Not even the Republicans were willing to have their National Convention there in 2012 ~ $90million in lost revenue.   Watch closely as prices of products and produce coming out of Arizona start to rise. ~ don't think anyone is willing to work for $3.00 per hour anymore.   I just had an awful thought, they don't grow grapes in Arizona do they?  I need to expand the wine cellar before the craziness hits the Northwest. 

Franklin Graham prays outside Pentagon after being uninvited over 'Islam is evil' comments.
Don't you just hate it when you have a group of idiots who give your faith a bad name?  Did you know that it is less than 1% that are radical Muslim?  It would be no different than to say that all Catholic men and pedophiles and all Mormons are polygamists.  This is how simple it is ~ when we all stand before God, He is going to smack us ALL upside the head and say "you people it was so simple, it was believe in me, but NO you had to go make it all complicated with your various off shoots".  I am a huge fan of Jesus, hey anyone who can turn water into wine has my vote!!

Steve King (R) Iowa "Gays wouldn't face discrimination if they didn't wear their sexuality on their sleeve."
They do?  Really?  I have friends who are gay and I haven't seen any little symbol on their sleeve that signifies that they are gay.  My husband and I both have the Human Rights Campaign stickers on our vehicles, does that make us gay?  I need to ask my dearest friend (who never returns my fucking (the word is in the dictionary, see previous blog) phone calls), NNM the 3rd if he has something on his sleeve that screams out that he is gay.  Sometimes I wonder if politicians just say shit like this to piss me off ~ maybe they have shares in some vineyard that I purchase from, hence driving me to drink.

Sarah Palin's new book 'America by Heart' to come out in November.
This is a woman who is all about 'the people'.  The woman who decided that being a Governor wasn't as fulfilling to her bank account as is her book tours and speeches.  I need a jug of wine with a side of Valium. 

Thomas Jane "My penis is average"
Prove it.

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  1. Not sure who is a bigger idiot, Sarah Palin or Steve King.


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